Speed Queen Laundry brings premium experience to Berlin with new store in Alexanderplatz

Speed Queen, the global leader in vended commercial laundry, has redefined the customer experience with stores around the globe. The brand is now bringing this premium experience to Germany with a new store in Berlin on Alexanderplatz.

Speed Queen Laundry brings premium experience to Berlin with new store in Alexanderplatz

"Speed Queen-branded Laundromats bring a laundromat experience like no other," said Marco Treggiari, director of Speed Queen-licensed stores in Europe. "We are excited to expand this exceptionally profitable business concept to Germany. Through our more than 900 licensed stores across Europe, we have proven out this highly successful model, which delivers great return on investment for owners via a superior experience for customers."

Speed Queen Laundromats are now at work in 28 European countries and more than 465 cities. In addition, the 700 investors are further testament to the incredible value this business brings. Customers across Europe have linked the Speed Queen brand with the pinnacle of laundry experience, one that leverages speed, efficiency, and technology to help them complete the laundry chore quickly.

Like all Speed Queen Laundry stores, the Alexanderplatz location will feature durable, highly efficient, large-capacity washer-extractors and tumble dryers to help customers complete their laundry task in less than an hour. The 24-pocket store is expected to open December 20th. Additional laundries are planned for other investors in Berlin (Karl Marx Strasse), Krefeld, Stuttgart, and Cologne.

With premium attributes such as large capacity machines hosted in a sleek retail space, a customer-facing mobile app, and rewards program and owner features, which include a digital marketing platform and business dashboard, Speed Queen has revolutionized the vended laundry experience for both owner and customer. "The difference is really tangible for the customer; it makes the chore of doing laundry a totally different experience" highlights Marco Treggiari.

"In the next stage of our expansion, we'll build more off the American laundromat model, where stores can have more than 100 machines and gross more than $1 million," Treggiari said. "Like Alexanderplatz's store, we'll drive more ambitious projects that will have a larger footprint and more than 20 pockets. Actually, we already have some large laundromats now in Paris, in Barcelona, in Madrid, in Dublin, in Warsaw and in Roma."

For more information on Speed Queen and to learn more about opening a Speed Queen-branded store in your own market and to locate the Speed Queen closest to you, visit www.speedqueeninvestor.com

SOURCE Alliance Laundry Systems
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