The Future of Nightlife is Here: Bitcoin of America Adds Bitcoin ATM to Joy District Chicago

Popular Bitcoin ATM operator, Bitcoin of America, has announced their newest location in one of Chicago's hottest nightclubs. Joy District is known for its nightclub/restaurant hybrid. It is located in the heart of River North and has been awarded as one of Chicago's best and hottest rooftop bars. You can now socialize at Joy District with friends and even interact with a Bitcoin ATM all at the same time.

The Future of Nightlife is Here: Bitcoin of America Adds Bitcoin ATM to Joy District Chicago

To date, Bitcoin of America has 30 plus Bitcoin ATM locations across the city of Chicago. This new location is changing the way that most people think about interacting with cryptocurrency. It is rare to find a Bitcoin ATM in a social setting like a nightclub, but Bitcoin of America is finally making this all possible.

Bitcoin of America's is always looking to provide convenience to their customers. Their newest Bitcoin ATM location at Joy District also operates as a traditional ATM. Customers have the option to either withdrawal cash or choose the cryptocurrency of their choice. Bitcoin of America is looking to change the way that they interact with their customers by making their Bitcoin ATMs more accessible. They are hoping to help make cryptocurrency into more of a daily normality.

Bitcoin of America has made a large footprint when it comes to bringing cryptocurrency to the City of Chicago. They announced in early October that they are now the official entitlement sponsor of The Chicago Blackhawks Post Game show. In August of this year Bitcoin of America also announced that they would be working with WGN Radio Chicago. WGN even added a daily Bitcoin price update sponsored by Bitcoin of America. They are hoping to bring awareness to cryptocurrency by promoting it across all platforms.

SOURCE Bitcoin of America
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