Noveto Unveils The N1, A First-of-a-Kind Smart Speaker That Creates A Magical Sensory Experience

Noveto has today unveiled the final design and features of its flagship product, the N1, a state-of-the-art smart speaker with built-in Alexa smart assistant and proprietary Smart Beaming technology, providing personal and immersive 3D binaural sound without headphones.

Noveto Unveils The N1, A First-of-a-Kind Smart Speaker That Creates A Magical Sensory Experience

The N1's slim and sleek design fits elegantly into any home office or workspace, with an intuitive, glass-fronted, circular LED display mounted on a smooth, matte black aluminium frame and adjustable stand. The built-in, high-definition beamforming microphones provide a clear, best-in-class audio interaction with communication apps and Alexa. The N1 also features intuitive Bluetooth pairing, volume control and microphone muting for further privacy alongside an easily accessible USB-C port and a 3.5mm in/out jack to connect a secondary audio device.

The audio experience is different from traditional speakers or headphones. Noveto's leading-edge Smart Beaming transmits ultrasound silently through the air, converging in small audible pockets outside the listener's ears. N1's smart facial tracking follows the user's head, ensuring that, as if wearing headphones, the experience is one of thoroughly immersive 3D stereo, while people nearby barely hear a thing.

The N1 is the perfect device for modern professionals who value their comfort and require seamless audio without restrictions. The immersive experience breaks down the remoteness of remote-working with video-callers feeling like they are in the same room and supports vital at-home wellness. Whether listening to a favorite podcast or meditating to the sounds of nature, Smart Beaming creates a personalized, cocooned experience, elevating the relaxation of meditation, music, casual entertainment, podcasts and sound therapy.

  • Noveto Smart Beaming technology: beams personal 3D sound
  • Smart assistant compatible desktop device.
  • Audio volume: up to 85dB SPL.
  • Audio privacy: up to 90 % audio reduction 1 meter (3 ft) away from the listener.
  • Connections: BT, Wi-Fi, USB-C & 3.5mm Jack
  • The HAL (Heuristic Activity LED) - embedded LED circle for live feedback.
  • Built-in microphone array.
  • Built-in face ID.
  • Noveto App, available in iOS and Android.
  • Over the air updates (OTA).

Production on the N1 begins in December 2021 with the official launch at CES in Las Vegas on 5-8 January 2022, where orders from retailers and distribution partners will be confirmed.

SOURCE Noveto Systems
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