InPlay NanoBeacon IN100 SoC Received Bluetooth 5.3 SIG Certification

InPlay's newly launched NanoBeacon IN100 SoC has been certified by Bluetooth SIG as compliant with Bluetooth Core Specification 5.3. As the world's smallest Bluetooth beacon SoC that requires no software programming, the IN100 significantly lowers the technology barrier and provides developers with a true configure-and-use development experience for a variety of wireless IoT applications, such as real-time asset tracking, cold chain management, industrial wireless sensing, healthcare monitoring, etc. As a Bluetooth 5.3-compliant core specification chipset, users can design products with confidence that it provides a seamless user experience when interacting with other Bluetooth chipset-based systems, such as smartphones or Bluetooth gateways. With a package size as small as 2.5mm x 2.0mm, this IN100 SoC is the ideal solution for enabling next-generation short-range wireless connectivity for billions, if not trillions, of IoT devices.

InPlay NanoBeacon IN100 SoC Received Bluetooth 5.3 SIG Certification

The IN100 supports various types of sensor interfaces, including analog and digital sensor interfaces. Developers can easily connect the IN100 to a sensor, configure its threshold, and once the threshold is reached, wirelessly publish alerts or raw sensor data information via its Bluetooth air interface.

Other key features of IN100 are:
  • Ultra-low power consumption as low as sub microwatt to support multi-year operation lifetime.
  • Super low cost
  • Reduced BOM for space constrained applications
  • Enhanced security for authentication and confidentiality
  • Wide operating voltage range (1.1V~3.6V, suitable for all types of batteries)

"As the first NanoBeacon family chipset certified for Bluetooth 5.3 devices, the IN100 brings new design options to wireless IoT application developers with its outstanding RF performance, ultra-low power and configure-and-use capabilities, which will lead and enable the next billion units of Bluetooth 5.3 technology for wireless IoT devices, expanding the use of Bluetooth technology in many new applications and areas of use. We are very excited and will look forward to working with our partners and customers to connect the next trillion things!" said Jason Wu, co-founder and CEO of InPlay Inc.

The IN100 SoC is available in DFN8 (2.5mmx2.5mm) and QFN18 (3mmx3mm) packages. Samples are available now, with mass production shipping expected in the first quarter of 2022.

SOURCE InPlay Inc.
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