'Crypto Trading Strategy Marketplace,' PlayV Wins 'Grand Prize' at NFT Busan 2021 Startup Pitch

The digital asset trading strategy marketplace, PlayV, has been crowned the winner of 'NFT Busan 2021' startup pitch contest in South Korea. The biggest NFT event in Korea was held at BEXCO, Haeundae, Busan, from Nov. 04 to Nov. 06. During the event, the startup pitch session was held to present their business ideas to the public. With the award, PlayV also won 10 million won (KRW) for its 7-minutes pitch.

'Crypto Trading Strategy Marketplace,' PlayV Wins 'Grand Prize' at NFT Busan 2021 Startup Pitch

The startup networks and event relatives recognized PlayV's vision for connecting pro-trader networks with individual investors in the digital asset market. PlayV is a digital asset trading strategy marketplace where investors can manage their digital assets with pro-traders. Within a few clicks, the minimum investment amount of $50 is prepared to be managed by professional traders. PlayV aims for investors to find their precious time saved at the rapidly changing crypto market all day, all night. Meanwhile, traders can manage more assets for trading by monetizing their strategy in the public or private market. The service provides a technically satisfying trading experience to focus on trading and market decisions.

Steve Hong, CEO of PlayV, stated, "with the award and the open beta release of PlayV, we are providing both access and opportunities for investors to experience crypto investment more professionally in a safe environment." Also, he added, "We intend to develop a more secure product by actively collecting the user's feedback. Our goal is to lead the way in the investment of crypto assets in a safe environment and solve the trust issues that are arising between individual investors and pro traders."

In addition, PlayV is preparing its mobile release for Android and iOS soon.

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