The Next Generation of Smart Pods for Today's Creators: Kickstarter Success, Pivo Inc., to launch Pivo Pod X Campaign

Pivo Inc., a member of Born2Global Centre, has announced their second Kickstarter campaign for their newest innovative smart pod, Pivo Pod X.

The Next Generation of Smart Pods for Today's Creators: Kickstarter Success, Pivo Inc., to launch Pivo Pod X Campaign

The Pivo Pod X empowers the everyday creator to extend the camera capabilities of their smartphone with an AI-powered, multi-directional auto-tracking smart pod that utilizes a powerful suite of photo, video and 3D space creation mobile apps to elevate the content creation process. The project is the culmination of new ideas, mixed with transformative customer feedback from the previous Pivo Pod, in order to offer users a high-quality experience with enhanced flexibility and versatility. In their first Kickstarter campaign launched on Nov. 13, 2018, Pivo Inc. was able to fund their first Pivo Pod with the help of an impressive 6,236 backers and $585,938 in pledges. They hope to duplicate this success in this follow-up campaign.

"We're excited to launch the Pivo Pod X on Kickstarter and reward our loyal backers with early-bird access and exceptional value at an exclusive price. The Pivo Pod X's sleek new design and highly requested vertical rotation capability will enable users to produce wildly creative videos, take stunning photos, and capture immersive 3D spaces like never before," said Ken Kim, CEO and founder of Pivo.

Features and benefits of the new Pivo Pod X include:

Dynamic Auto Tracking

The Pivo Pod X brings dynamic tracking to the Pod experience. No longer limited to horizontal rotation, the Pivo Pod X now moves vertically in a 60-degree range, in addition to 360-degree horizontal rotation.

Enhanced Performance

The newly developed motor is faster, completing 360 degree rotations much quicker than the previous Pod, as well as smoother, providing a stable and high-quality tracking performance. The Pod has also been upgraded with an all-new LED light ring, designed to signal and communicate with you so you know exactly when and how your Pivo Pod X is capturing your space.

Intelligent Capturing and Editing

Pivo Pod X brings a new set of features exclusive to this smart pod. With Cinematic and Composition AI, the Pivo Pod X automatically zooms, color corrects and sets the target in frame to get the perfect shot. With the Candid Moments feature, you can set up your Pivo Pod X, leave it to scan the area, and take candid photos using facial and emotional recognition.


In addition to the new Pod, will come a lineup of newly designed accessories and product bundles.

  • Pivo+ App: All your favorite features of Pivo in one place. Take hands-free photos and videos, video call friends, family, and coaches - right from the Pivo+ app.
  • Travel Case: Take your Pivo Pod X anywhere with the use of the Travel Case.
  • Remote Control: Take hands-free to a new level with Pivo's Remote Control. Change modes, start recording, whatever you need: all with your Remote Control.
  • Pivo Mic: Upgrade your audio quality with the new Pivo Mic. The wireless, Bluetooth microphone works at nearly a 20 feet / 60 meter Bluetooth range and provides noise cancellation. With a clip-on design, the Pivo Mic can be attached anywhere you see fit.

The Kickstarter campaign for Pivo Pod X will launch on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, with a goal of reaching $100,000 in backers. For more information on the Pivo Pod X, visit

SOURCE Born2Global Centre
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