Ekos launches Ekos Order Hub, a digital sales order portal

Ekos launches Ekos Order Hub, a digital sales order portal

Ekos has launched a new product: Ekos Order Hub, a digital portal that simplifies the sales order process. Ekos Order Hub is powered by Ekos, the leading business management technology platform for craft beverage businesses.

Ekos Order Hub allows craft producers to manage inventory and sales orders from within their core Ekos account and provides a digital hub for distributors, retailers and customer accounts to place orders at their own convenience.

With Ekos Order Hub, producers can:
  • Simplify the ordering experience for their distributor and retail customers
  • Communicate directly with customer accounts about product availability and delivery dates
  • Reduce time spent collecting orders and communicating back and forth, freeing up time to focus on increasing sales
  • Prevent over- or under-selling by displaying available inventory, with the ability for allocations to protect inventory for other sales channels
  • Connect sales orders with the core Ekos software — no manual uploads required

"Today is a major milestone for our industry as we launch Ekos Order Hub, the first online ordering portal built to seamlessly integrate with Ekos's leading inventory and business management software," said Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos. "Now, with Ekos Order Hub, our existing POS and ecommerce integrations and our core Ekos software, we can connect craft producers with consumers across every available sales channel."

Businesses rely on Ekos as the singular source of critical information across inventory, production, sales and accounting functions. With the launch of Ekos Order Hub, producers can connect data from self-distribution or wholesale distribution sales to automatically deplete inventory, inform future production schedules and keep financial reporting up to date. This new product demonstrates the company's commitment to building a fully connected ecosystem to digitize the craft supply chain.

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