PowerVision Introduces Its True Unmanned Aerial Solution for Autonomous, Remote Operations From a Docked Station

PowerVision Introduces Its True Unmanned Aerial Solution for Autonomous, Remote Operations From a Docked Station

PowerVision Tech Inc., a leader in AI robots, officially released its whole new industrial drone system — PowerVision True Unmanned Aerial Solution, successfully delivering the promise of drones for remote, autonomous data collection missions. The solution deeply integrates the PowerVision Dock, PowerEgg X 8K drone and the PowerVision Cloud web-based software platform. With the True Unmanned Aerial Solution, PowerVision has solved many limits to deployments of legacy drones — such as limits to range, complex operations and high cost. Now, data acquisition drones can be deployed at scale as data acquisition infrastructure, instead of tools to be operated on individual missions.

This solution can be used widely across countless applications, such as powerline inspections, environmental compliance, O&G asset inspections, facility security, GIS, surveying, and mapping.

The PowerVision True Unmanned Aerial Solution is the most compact autonomous drone system in the world, weighing just 34.8lbs (15.8kg) in a slim 570×400×250 mm form factor. This compact design allows the entire solution to be rapidly deployed by a single person, without special tools or equipment.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the PowerVision True Unmanned Aerial System streamlines the drone's takeoff, flight, dynamic mission and return to the charging dock autonomously.

A single installed solution can cover an area with a radius of 3.1 miles (5km). Multiple units can be connected and installed in an area to cover large-scale infrastructure projects or assets. This is critical in enabling drones to economically be deployed for data acquisition across large areas and to maintain infrastructure assets like pipelines, powerlines and more.

To meet the requirements for outdoor operations, PowerVision Dock is IP55-rated to resist dust and water in different environments. With the help of an intelligent temperature control system, it can still perform well at an ambient temperature between 68 °F and 113 °F (20℃ and 45℃). The onboard intelligent system monitors real-time temperatures, precipitation and wind to secure operational safety.

The PowerEgg X 8K uses a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor to capture 48 megapixels photos and 8K UHD videos, all with 4x lossless zoom. Optimizations to the propellers, ESC, and the entire system have been made to achieve a 34-minute flight time. Based on the most advanced digital image transmission technology, PowerEgg X 8K supports dual-band communication (2.4/5.8GHz), interference detection and avoidance, dynamic frequency switching, anti-disturbance, and real-time FHD image transmission with a max transmission distance of 7.5miles(12 kilometers)

Using forward and downward vision sensor, the drone can detect the environment, which improves the safety and stability of flight. The PowerEgg X 8K can withstand the wind up to Level 7 on the Beaufort Scale (Near Gale) and fly in adverse weather conditions. A newly designed supplementary landing light automatically triggers under low light conditions to secure the take-off and landing.

In order to meet the special demands for the power industry, the PowerVision "True Unmanned Aerial" Solution also supports centimeter-level positioning, solar power supply and transmission extension antennas, which makes deployments more accurate, independent and reliable.

The release of the PowerVision True Unmanned Aerial Solution is a revolutionary advancement for the drone industry. It leads the path for countless industrial drones to transfer from the local and commanded flight to the remote and truly unmanned operations, as when the iPhone took phones from functional devices to smartphones.

 For more information, visit http://www.powervision.me.

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