HONOR Announces Global Launch of the HONOR Magic3 Series, an Iconic Flagship Delivering A Beyond Epic User Experience

HONOR Announces Global Launch of the HONOR Magic3 Series, an Iconic Flagship Delivering A Beyond Epic User Experience

Global technology brand HONOR today launched the all new HONOR Magic3 Series, an iconic flagship smartphone boasting premium technology and a cutting-edge design. The first flagship launched by HONOR since its independence, the HONOR Magic3 Series comprises of the HONOR Magic3, HONOR Magic3 Pro and HONOR Magic3 Pro+, all packed with exceptional features and functionality to deliver a beautiful design, a cinematic videography and unprecedented photography experience and unparalleled performance.

During the event, HONOR also announced its plans for continued expansion and commitment to providing exceptional customer service and top-quality products following its independence in November last year. The new HONOR's workforce includes almost 10,000 employees who will cover the entire spectrum of end-to-end operations. HONOR has invested heavily in R&D, with four R&D centers and over 100 labs worldwide, filing over 5500 new patent applications to date, and quickly re-establishing strategic partnerships with some of the world's top suppliers. In just three months, HONOR's market share increased 3% to 14.6% in the Chinese market, further fueling the brands ambition for global success.

"HONOR has always showcased our most innovative ideas through the HONOR Magic Series, and the HONOR Magic3 Series continues this legacy," said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. "Representing HONOR's vision for the future of mobile technology, we are proud of the industry partnerships we've forged which have helped in the development of this ground-breaking new smartphone as well as the continued efforts from our R&D team to reintroduce HONOR to the global market, in a never-before-seen display of exceptional technology."

Premium Design for an Immersive Viewing Experience and Superior Resistance

Delivering a superb user experience and premium design, the HONOR Magic3 Series features an 89° Super Curved Display and ultra-thin bezels for a truly immersive viewing experience. The 10-bit screen displays 1.07 billion colors and supports HDR10+ certification, allowing users to enjoy more vivid colors and detailed visuals.

Representing a breakthrough in the craftmanship of smartphone design the HONOR Magic3 Pro+ delivers an exquisite design, with a Super Curved Nano Crystal Shield and a Nano Ceramic body, creating a premium and comfortable grip and a greater level of hardness and toughness. The HONOR Magic3 Series is certified with an IP68[1] water and dust resistance, ensuring it is protected from dust and can withstand being submerged up to 1.5m and for 30 minutes.

The HONOR Magic3 Series comes equipped with a remarkable camera design called 'The Eye of Muse', symbolizing the perfect blend of art and technology and featuring a concave surface, which enables an abundant light source to the lens to optimize performance and provide superior photography capabilities for users to enjoy. Paying tribute to the classic structure of a camera shutter, the HONOR Magic3 Pro+ features a unique hexagonal design, giving users a sense of balance and harmony.

Revolutionary Photography Experience with Advanced HONOR Image Engine and Multi-Camera Computational Photography

Taking HONOR's photography credentials to a whole new level, the HONOR Magic3 Series comes packed with HONOR self-developed HONOR Image Engine, an advanced imaging system empowered by AI, enabling high-quality and stunning images every time. The HONOR Magic Series is equipped with a best-in-class multi-camera computational photography while the HONOR Magic3 Pro+ comes packed with a quad camera setup, featuring a 64MP Monochrome Camera, a 50MP Wide Camera, a 64MP 126o Ultra Wide Camera[2] and a 64MP Periscope Telephoto Camera[3], allowing users to produce stunning photos no matter what they are shooting.

Delivering vivid colors and true to life imagery, the 50MP wide camera has an ultra-large 1/1.28-inch color sensor[4] alongside Full Pixel Octa Phase Detection (PD) AutoFocus[5], allowing moving objects to be captured with quick and precise focus in exceptional detail. The 64MP Periscope Telephoto Camera has a 3.5x optical zoom[6] and up to 100x digital zoom, enabling users to capture high quality images from afar. Supported by an optical image stabilizer (OIS)[7], users can produce clear images, even without a tripod. The 64MP 126° ultra-wide-angle lens paired with a 7P optical zoom lens[8] offers HONOR's highest-resolution wide camera, allowing a wider field of view with minimized perspective distortion and perfectly showcasing entire buildings and landmarks in stunning clarity. For macro shots, users can capture incredible details as close as 2.5cm.

Smartphone that delivers a Cinematic Videography Experience

The HONOR Magic3 Series is the first ever IMAX® ENHANCED smartphone. It also comes with AI film effects[9] to enable professional movie-grade color solutions. The HONOR Magic3 Series enables Magic-Log and cinematic Level 3D LUT (Look Up Table) video capabilities. Commonly used to shoot professional movies, the log format allows users to enhance their videos with cinematic color tones and stunning visuals in HDR clarity. The cinematic 3D LUTs help users create color hues fit for the cinema.

Giving users more freedom to control and adjust colors without compromising image accuracy, HONOR has partnered with renowned Hollywood colorist, Bryan Mamahan, to co-create eight exclusive LUTs inspired by classic movies. Harnessing the power of AI, the HONOR Magic3 Series recommends the LUT based on the shooting scenario[10], ensuring content creators can take their movie making skills to the next level. The Magic3 Series can capture 4K HDR content and has three omni-directional microphones for clear audio capture, further ensuring enhanced picture and sound quality for cinema ready content.

Powerful Chipset and Upgraded Hardware for Enhanced Performance

Delivering breakthrough industry-leading efficiency and performance and improved AI computing power, the HONOR Magic3 Series comes equipped with the new Snapdragon® 888 Plus 5G Mobile Platform[11]. HONOR is among the first equipment manufacturers (OEM) to launch a Snapdragon 888 Plus powered smartphone. Compared to the Snapdragon 888, the new chipset sees upgrades in terms of CPU and AI computing. The chipset improves AI computing resulting in up to 32 TOPS and boosting AI performance by 20%.

Complementing the chipset, the HONOR Magic3 Series features OS Turbo X, which was transferred to the Snapdragon 8 series chipset for the first time. It contains Low-latency engine, Anti-aging Engine, Smart Memory Engine that improve fluency, anti-aging, and allow more apps to remain alive in the background. Designed to energize gaming performance, the HONOR Magic3 Series comes with the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration technology, applying optimizations that reduce power consumption, and improve performance. Together with Superconductive Hexagonal Graphene technology, temperatures are reduced, leading to an overall more stable and comfortable gaming experience. Thanks to LINK Turbo X, a self-developed state-of-the-art technology, the HONOR Magic3 Series successfully makes use of Wi-Fi and cellular networks together to deliver a peak download speed of 6.1Gbps[12], the fastest download speed available on a smartphone today.

The performance of HONOR Magic3 Series is also well recognized by HONOR's industry partners. "HONOR is a truly innovative company with deep roots in technology," says Cristiano Amon, President & CEO, Qualcomm Incorporated. "This technical foundation has helped to create a collaborative and trusting environment between our companies. And allowed you to fully harness the power of the Snapdragon 888 Plus to unleash the best Android experience on the new HONOR Magic3 Series."

Ultra-Long Battery Life and Superior Fast Charge Capabilities
Powered by a 4600mAh battery[13], HONOR Magic3 Series frees you from frequently charging your device. HONOR Magic3 Series supports HONOR SuperCharge at 66W or SuperCharge Wireless at 50W[14]. The Magic3 Pro and Magic3 Pro+ can also be used as a power bank to charge up other devices with Wireless Reverse Charge[15].

Next Level Privacy and Security Features with Smart AI

Privacy is one of HONOR's top priorities. Testament to this, the HONOR Magic3 Series is equipped with enhanced security capabilities, including a 3D ToF front Camera[16] for 3D Face ID Unlock, ensuring a high-level of security when using facial recognition to access your smartphone.

Creating a smarter and seamless user experience, various daily settings have also been optimized on the HONOR Magic3 Series to achieve an all-scenario intelligent life. The intelligent upgrades include UX experience, Smart Travel, Security and Privacy and Mobile Working, bringing about a seamless AI experience so users can efficiently manage their work and daily life.

Color, Pricing and Availability

Inspired by Magic Hour, the prime time of day for shooting for photography enthusiasts and film directors, the HONOR Magic3, starting from 899 euros, comes in Golden Hour and Blue Hour[17], which are made from synthetic leather, in addition to Black and White. The HONOR Magic3 Pro, starting from 1,099 euros, comes in Golden Hour, Black and White, while the HONOR Magic3 Pro+, starting from 1,499 euros, comes in Ceramic Black and Ceramic White, delivering a premium and classic look and feel.

HONOR Magic3 Series will first be available in mainland China. Availability for other global markets will be announced at a later date, stay tuned for more information.


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