Bearn Builds on Scan Tech deal with Advanced Human Imaging Extending Reach to Over 9,000,000 New Users with Marketplace Initiative

Bearn Builds on Scan Tech deal with Advanced Human Imaging Extending Reach to Over 9,000,000 New Users with Marketplace Initiative

Bearn, a California-based wellness technology company, has signed an agreement to expand its marketplace capabilities and reach over 9M new, potential users. Bearn's unique wellness app rewards users for health and wellness activities including fitness, nutrition, weight management, sleep, stress management and more. Users of the Bearn app earn reward dollars for healthy behaviors. The new marketplace integration extends capabilities to include more than 4,500 retailers, offering unique rewards that users can purchase through their participation in health and wellness activities. With the Bearn app, the more focus individuals and families place on their health, the more they earn. This helps gamify wellness in new and powerful ways to help users become proactive about their health. As of July 21, 2021, marketplace users have redeemed $12.5M in travel and hotel redemptions, $5M in products and services, and have access to 21,000 reward offers across 4,500 retail brand partners across the US.

The Bearn app framework gives users access to in-app scan technology to assess body dimensions and composition changes over time. The app features an innovative FaceScan technology that can measure a multitude of health and wellness attributes using the power of transdermal optimal imaging (TOI) analysis and advanced AI. The scanning technology is provided via a strategic alliance agreement forged with Australian-based Advanced Human Imaging (AHI). Aaron Drew, Bearn's CEO, and Vlado Bosanac, CEO of AHI, have partnered to integrate the cutting-edge, wellness tech available through the app users' mobile devices to democratize wellness and deliver this unique health assessment and reward platform to consumers directly on their personal devices. "Now all you need is a cell phone to get immediate feedback about your health," says Bearn's CEO Aaron Drew.

The first step in managing health is to establish a baseline and have a consistent and repeatable process to measure change. Previously, this has come at an extensive cost and time requirement to the individual. With the AHI scanning technology in place, users can assess their heart rate, metabolic risk, blood pressure and respiratory rate, along with dimension, composition and more, to provide solid biometrics to then use to monitor their health and risk. The app provides coaching and guidance to help users take the necessary steps to improve their health, while rewarding the right behaviors. It's a revolutionary approach to chronic disease prevention and health management that far exceeds simplistic approaches focused on heart rate and steps.

With the marketplace integration, Bearn extends its reach while furthering abilities to reward users for being proactive about their health. Bearn will offer individual scans, as well as subscription packages, to the complete scan and risk assessment package for redemption in the Bearn Marketplace. This will be offered in which Bearn users and marketplace users can redeem earnings towards these products, as well as through the employer and payer funded model to leverage scan assessment and data – essentially paying employees and the insured to actively improve and measure their health and wellness. "We're excited to integrate the Bearn marketplace with functional digital health and wellness technology that can be used to improve population health. We have several additional partnerships in the works," says Drew.

With the marketplace integration complete, we'll be able to bundle Bearn software and scan services like: FaceScans, BodyScan, and the CompleteScan combination in subscription packages to reach a larger audience. Bearn customers can apply their earnings and employer-sponsored incentive dollars to purchase these innovative upgrades to get even more value out of their Bearn subscription and even more insight into their health.

The newly integrated application will be made available to all Bearn partners which currently represents a potential pre-registered pool of users totaling 56,000,000 million.

Bearn will launch with Accuro, who represents brand such as 9Round and Anytime Fitness. In addition to Accuro, we will also be launching with Perk Plans, Pinnacle Health, OnCore Golf Technology that will represent an initial release to 12,500,000 users. A number of these partners will be paying for their users to take the scans provided by AHI as part of their onboarding and initial data capture to set their rewards starting point. These partners will pay for the users to utilize the scans which will represent a minimum of 1,100,000 million potential monthly users.

CEO and Founder of Bearn Aaron Drew said.

"The assistance we have received from AHI both in early financial support and the technology integration, has played a big role in advancing the technology and attractive both partners and the immense number of users we have pre-registered. I believe Bearn will become the leader in wellness reward and health outcomes. No other platform offers the rewards we do or the ability to capture real-time data for goals and engagement. Bearn is currently closing a Series A investment round of $20M that includes both strategic and institutional capital partners. Our full launch in November will be an exciting move for our company and our new partners and investors."


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