Ricoh announces HD PENTAX-DA★ 16-50mm F2.8ED PLM AW for K-mount digital SLR cameras

Ricoh announces HD PENTAX-DA★ 16-50mm F2.8ED PLM AW for K-mount digital SLR cameras

Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation today announced the HD PENTAX-DA★ 16-50mm F2.8ED PLM AW lens, the latest addition to the new generation PENTAX Star (★) lens series. Designed for use with PENTAX K-mount digital SLR cameras, Star-series lenses boast the highest imaging performance of all PENTAX lens lineups. This large-aperture standard zoom lens features an open aperture of F2.8 over the entire zoom range to deliver exceptional optical performance and is an ideal regular-use lens for the recently announced PENTAX K-3 Mark III.

The HD PENTAX-DA★ 16-50mm F2.8ED PLM AW lens incorporates a newly designed optical system and—for the first time in a large-aperture PENTAX lens—an advanced pulse motor (PLM) to assure smooth, high-speed, high-precision autofocus (AF) operation with minimized noise. The lens has been fine-tuned for greater operability in manual-focus operation and includes a quick-shift focus system to provide an instant shift from AF to manual. It provides a minimum focusing distance of just under 12 inches and a maximum magnification of 0.24x. This new standard zoom lens allows users to fully enjoy the process of photography according to their own preferences and can be used in a variety of applications including landscape, snapshots and portraits.

The HD PENTAX-DA★ 16-50mm F2.8ED PLM AW lens also features an electromagnetic diaphragm control mechanism to assure high precision exposure control and smooth focus tracking when used in combination with compatible digital SLR cameras. The mechanism also enables the capture of video clips using automatic exposure control, even when there are considerable differences in brightness when shooting.

The lens has been designed to provide sharp, clear images free of flare and ghost images, even under demanding conditions like backlight. It features a nine-blade circular diaphragm to produce a natural, beautiful bokeh (defocus) effect even at open aperture. It has been treated with the PENTAX-original HD coating, which assures much higher light transmittance than conventional multi-layer coatings.

The new AW (All Weather) lens features dustproof, weather-resistant construction to prevent the intrusion of water and dust into the lens barrel. When paired with a dustproof, weather-resistant PENTAX digital SLR camera body, it assures a durable, reliable digital imaging system that performs superbly in demanding shooting settings — even in rain or mist, or at locations prone to water splashes or spray.

| Pricing and Availability |
The HD PENTAX-DA★ 16-50mm F2.8ED PLM AW lens will be available August 2021 at as well as at Ricoh Imaging-authorized retail outlets for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1,399.95.

SOURCE Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation
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