OPPO's New Reno5 Z 5G Smartphone Ticks the Right Boxes for Generation Z

OPPO's New Reno5 Z 5G Smartphone Ticks the Right Boxes for Generation Z

With the mobile landscape moving toward Gen Z, global technology company OPPO aims to continually launch smartphones with features that appeal to the first truly "mobile generation." OPPO's all-new Reno5 Z 5G – the first smartphone dedicated to Gen Z users in the UAE, features superior performance and functionality through a strong 5G chipset.

The Reno5 Z 5G – a mid-range smartphone that costs less than AED 1,500, empowers Gen Z users to capture their everyday lives with photo and video content creation, effortlessly manage their business-related tasks and enjoy an immersive experience of mobile gaming with 5G, a top-quality camera, a strong processor and trendy designs. The Reno5 Z 5G complements the Reno5 Series of all-5G smartphones.

The generation born after millennials, BPG Max Dubai estimates that Gen Z make up around 1.4 million of the UAE population; in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA), Gen Z penetration is 16% of the overall population at more than 72.5 million. Gen Z are sometimes characterised as the "millennial+" generation – behaving much like their slightly older predecessors, while being even more mobile-centric and digitally oriented.

On the Web and Going Social

According to the World Economic Forum, Gen Z logs on to social media for roughly two hours and 55 minutes each day; this is almost an hour longer than the average millennial. Powered with MediaTek's newest 5G SoC, Dimensity 800U chipset, OPPO's all-new Reno5 Z 5G offers users ultra-connectivity and an advanced smart experience, perfect for extensive social media browsing.

The Dimensity 800U also enables smartphones to deliver crisp, full HD+ resolution and ultra-fast 120Hz displays. This reduces blur, improves response time and provides notably smoother scrolling on webpages and animations on OPPO's Reno5 Z 5G. The Dual-View Video enables both the front and rear cameras to work simultaneously, effortlessly bringing the shooter and subject into the same video frame – ideal for vloggers and influencers who want to remain in action.

All-Day Entertainment

Entertainment-related interests come out on top for Gen Z. This "always-on" audience is spending a considerable amount of time-consuming entertainment and their need for it is also reflected in how they use social apps. Music, films/cinema and gaming all feature in their top five interests, according to research by GlobalWebIndex.

In the company's latest Reno5 series, the OPPO Reno5 Z 5G variant – which launched in March 2021 – is powered by MediaTek's newest Dimensity 800U chipset, which fully integrates a 5G modem into the chip. Each chip from MediaTek's Dimensity 5G family is built with technology for imaging, video, gaming, connectivity and efficiency. Dimensity 800U also enables smartphones to deliver crisp Full HD+ resolution and ultra-fast 120Hz displays.

Sharing Moments and Memories

Market research firm Ipsos Group has found that, growing up in the era of social media, Gen Z in the MENA region have manifested the "social" aspect, creating a digital world in which their whole lives are supported. Aspirations are motivated through Instagram, while friendships are kept close through the sharing of their most intimate daily tasks on SnapChat.

OPPO's new, first-ever, all-5G Reno5 series, comprising Reno5 Pro 5G, Reno5 5G and the Gen Z-focused Reno5 Z 5G smartphone, features devices that are equipped to deliver industry-leading portrait videography and photography, and superior video quality to capture every memory. For Gen Z, this means showcasing their latest projects on Instagram, posting stories of weekend fun or keeping the family posted while on a trip.

Productivity 101

OPPO's Reno5 Z 5G smartphone takes productivity to a whole new level. From FlexDrop offering users a new way to multitask and Folder Quick Merge with a one-step drag and combine, to the ever-popular 3-Finger Translate with OPPO Lens, boosting productivity has never been easier.

Gen Z is struggling to be productive working from home, revealed Fortune magazine in 2020; Mobile natives, 98% of Gen Z own a smartphone. Hence, it was only a matter of time before Gen Z consumers relied more on their devices for work purposes; OPPO's Reno5 Z 5G is just the smartphone for it with the ColorOS 11, a highly customised, efficient, intelligent and richly designed Android-based mobile OS by OPPO.

OPPO's proprietary VOOC Flash Charge combined with a 4310mAh⁷ large battery allows users to power up quickly, while the VOOC Flash Charge is especially useful for emergency low-battery situations. With the Reno5 Z 5G, a 5-minute charge yields 2.9 hours of calls (and 0.9 hrs of Instagram).

Value for Money

Even before the pandemic, Gen Z consumers' perception of value was already multi-dimensional. Now, Euromonitor has revealed, amid the pandemic and recession, value and affordability have become increasingly important factors informing their purchase decisions.

With original designs, OPPO devices also offer great battery life, overall performance, and solid camera capabilities; it's a rich combination of style and substance. For a generation that does not want to break the bank, the Reno5 Z 5G is one of the best options in the market as it retails at less than AED 1,500.

Next-Level Gaming

In recent research conducted in partnership with GlobalWebIndex, AdColony highlights the most important differentiators and insights about who Gen Z is, as well as what drives and interests them. From a gaming perspective, 45% of millennials consider themselves gamers; however, this ratio increases to 54% for Gen Z.

To cater to Gen Z demand, the Reno5 Z 5G smartphone features remarkable power and speed setups, plus best-in-class audio and visual displays to offer an unprecedented mobile gaming experience. The smartphone also features Bullet Notifications for interruption-free gaming sessions, Quick Startup¹² in 24 hours after exiting the game, and more for less waiting and more play. Plus, HD content on the Super AMOLED display featuring a large 90.8% screen-to-body ratio and the MediaTek Dimensity 800U make for smooth, lag-free gaming.

Stunning Designs

According to an American Express study, 23% of Gen Z consumers will drop a brand over poorly designed mobile features; design is a great way to communicate brand personality and reinforce values. The Reno5 Z 5G smartphone is an ultra-thin device featuring a 7.8mm thickness, 73.4mm width and 160.1mm length, and is also ultra-light, weighing about 173g.

Adding to its aesthetic design is the One-Piece Quad Camera, which is built into the back of the Reno5 Z 5G. In line with the design concept, all four cameras are covered with a single piece of Gorilla Glass 5, which keeps the device elegant and smooth. Cutting-edge etching technology adds texture to the glass surface, creating a sense of depth that shimmers under lighting.

For young consumers who are inspired to #Upgrade_theRENOway, the Reno5 Z 5G smartphone is available in the UAE in two colour settings, Fluid Black – a classic and stylish black featuring a gradient which gives the illusion of changing from light to dark, and Cosmo Blue – a matte look with a gradience of blue and purple.

Ivan Wu, General Manager – GCC, at OPPO, said, "The OPPO Reno5 Z 5G was designed with Gen Z in mind. Members of the Gen Z are true digital natives: since the earliest days of their youth, they have been exposed to the internet, social networks and mobile systems. Hence, we offer them a smartphone that, not only fits within their dynamic lifestyle, but also supports it with faster internet speeds and charging, and more seamless, experience-centred usage."

Rami Osman, Director of Sales and Marketing - the Middle East and Africa at MediaTek, said: "With our expanded Dimensity portfolio we are bringing the latest 5G capabilities to every smartphone tier so that young people on the middle east can enjoy 5G experiences and this collaboration with OPPO is a showcase of our commitment. The Dimensity 800U has an impressive mix of 5G connectivity features, performance comes from leveraging big A76 cores up to 2Ghz while the 7 nano meter manufacturing process keeps it super power-efficient. We also provide it with our gaming technology HyperEngine 2.0 as the gaming segment in the middle east shows sustained growth. For artificial intelligence we added a dedicated unit (APU 3.0) offering 50% better AI performance over competitors in the same tier."

OPPO has highlighted its commitment to new generations' demands for more pocket-friendly smartphones which offer the best in the mobile arena, without compromising on Speed, Performance, Design or Full HD+ Quality.

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