Legrand Introduces The Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery USB Outlet

Legrand Introduces The Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery USB Outlet

Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and network solutions, announced today the launch of its new Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery USB Outlet. Combining the industry-leading amperage of the Ultra-Fast line with advanced Power Delivery, this built-in charging solution provides the fastest way to charge the newest phones, tablets, and laptops, matching their higher power capacity to reach optimal charging speeds. Built for intelligent charging, the outlet detects and delivers the precise amount of power needed for devices, allowing Power Delivery-enabled devices to charge up to 2x faster without sacrificing plugs or requiring a bulky adapter.

Consumers, contractors, and designers alike can easily upgrade a traditional outlet with the Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery USB Outlet. The USB outlet includes two USB Type-C ports for convenient charging of multiple devices, including newer devices from Apple, Android & Google. Each port also features a charging indicator light for checking charging progress at a glance. The new Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery USB Outlet offers multiple layers of overcurrent protection, ensuring both the outlet and the device operate at optimal levels without risk of damage. Further, it is all backed by a host of easy-to-use digital resources and a lifetime warranty.

"Building on the success of Legrand's adorne and radiant Ultra-Fast outlets, the Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery charges even more quickly, offering a future-proof solution to meet the need for cutting-edge speed and accommodate the newest devices," says Manny Linhares Jr., Director of Product Marketing & Strategy at Legrand. "The addition of Power Delivery allows the outlet to operate at higher levels while maintaining safety with overcurrent protection, pairing top-of-the-line technology with Legrand's legacy of quality you can count on."

Debuting at June 2021 Lightovation, the adorne and radiant Ultra-Fast PLUS Power Delivery outlets will be available to the market in August 2021 in both 15A and 20A options. With adorne, the outlet will pair with any of the collection's 40+ wall plates available in chic materials and finishes like slate linen, matte antique copper, brushed satin brass and more. As part of the radiant Collection, the outlet will come in a sleek, screwless design in a variety of stylish colors.

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