Inthegame's new interactive format in the Euro 2020

Inthegame's new interactive format in the Euro 2020

Inthegame is launching a new interactive format in the form of a studio show on the Euro 2020 content. The Euro fans will be able to engage in real time through various interactions including; predict the winners, challenge the hosts, test their knowledge on Euro history and cool facts and many more fun, real-time activations.

The new daily studio show will feature a variety of guests discussing both the upcoming events and the key events from last night's games in an entertaining battle between the host and his guests. Inthegame's technology transforms the traditional video viewership into a dynamic experience directly with the content, taking in-stream gamification to a new level.

"If you're a sports fan, chances are you will react quite emotionally when you're watching live sports or your favorite highlights" says Aviram Sharon, Inthegame's CEO "with that in mind, more and more content owners are looking to get their audience involved both during live streams and on recorded video.

As Inthegame's interactive layers feature a wide range of brand placements, direct offers and e-commerce, it creates a new and powerful source of revenue for content owners and a fun, non-intrusive way for viewers to connect with their favorite brands.

Whether content owners are looking to fully control the interactions in real-time or have those fully touch free by Inthegame's automation engines, ITG enables full customization of both the interactions and the sponsored offerings."

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