Phyn Debuts New Smart Water Sensor

Phyn Debuts New Smart Water Sensor

Phyn, the leader in intelligent water solutions, today announced the addition of the Phyn Smart Water Sensor to their award-winning line-up of leak detection and water monitoring products. Available in one, two and three-packs, this compact device safeguards homes against water damage by detecting leaks, changes in temperatures and potentially damaging humidity levels. The Smart Water Sensor can be placed throughout a home and immediately alerts homeowners the moment an issue is detected, serving as an extra layer of protection ideal for hard-to-reach, leak-prone areas.

From the kitchen and basement to the laundry room or attic, the Smart Water Sensor can easily be placed in high-risk areas as an extra layer of protection against common issues such as overflowing washing machines, leaking refrigerators, water heaters, or sump pumps, flooded basements, and much more. When the Smart Water Sensor comes into contact with moisture, it automatically notifies homeowners via SMS, push notification from the Phyn app, as well as with an audible alarm and flashing LED lights on the device. The Smart Water Sensor works on its own and can also be paired with Phyn's flagship product, the Phyn Plus, to activate the shutoff valve feature and turn off the water to the house.

"At Phyn, we want to make it as simple as possible for people to protect their homes from the crippling effects and high cost of water damage," said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. "From the Phyn Plus, our professional whole-home monitoring system, to the DIY Phyn Smart Water Assistant, and the newly released Smart Water Sensor, our broad range of products makes it accessible for all homeowners to start taking proactive measures to secure their homes."

Phyn is also introducing two accessories that increase the area of protection of the Smart Water Sensor: the Phyn Water Sensor Extension Node and Phyn Water Sensor Cable. The Phyn Water Sensor Extension Node adds on to the Smart Water Sensor to help it detect leaks in narrow or tight-fitting spaces such as under a washing machine or refrigerator. The Phyn Water Sensor Cable extends the water detection area of the Smart Water Sensor by four feet, or up to 12 feet when three cables are combined, and sends an alert if any part of the cable gets wet. The Sensor Cable is perfect for running along the floorboards of a flood-prone basement or creating a loop around a water heater or under an appliance. With the addition of either of these accessories, the Smart Water Sensor continues to act as a temperature and humidity monitor and a leak detector, doubling the opportunity to protect a home from water damage.

Key features of Phyn Smart Water Sensor:

  • Immediate Alerts: When the Smart Water Sensor comes in contact with water, users are notified by an audible alarm and an LED light, as well as notifications via SMS and the Phyn app.
  • Customizable temperature and humidity alerts: The Smart Water Sensor can detect freezing temperatures and potentially damaging high and low humidity levels. Users can also view the temperature and humidity history within the Phyn app.
  • Easy setup: The device connects via WiFi to a home's existing network and uses the free Phyn app for setup and monitoring. No subscription fees or additional hubs required.
  • 2-Year Battery Life: Users can receive up to two years of battery life by customizing settings in the Phyn app and are alerted when it's time to change the batteries.
  • Works with Phyn Plus: When connected to the Phyn Plus, users can shut off the water if the sensor detects leakage.
  • Smart Accessories: For hard-to-reach areas or under appliances, homeowners can increase the area of protection of the Smart Water Sensor by connecting to the Phyn Water Sensor Extension Node or Phyn Water Sensor Cable.


The Phyn Smart Water Sensor (MSRP $39.99), Extension Node (MSRP $9.99) and Sensor Cable ($25.99) are now available on,, and The Smart Water Sensor will be available in a two-pack (MSRP $74.99) exclusively at Best Buy later this Spring and a three-pack (MSRP $99.99), available everywhere, later this Spring.

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