NASA Goddard Visitor Center Offering Free Virtual Field Trips This Summer

NASA Goddard Visitor Center Offering Free Virtual Field Trips This Summer

The visitor center at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is offering virtual field trips for groups looking for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) engagement this summer. The field trips, which are free for the public, feature a live presentation and question-and-answer session led by trained staff. Three programs are available:

Living and Working in Space, Kindergarten – Fourth Grade

People are living and working in space right now! Participants will discover many of the different ways that scientists, engineers and astronauts have developed to help humans live in space. They will also learn about the parts of an astronaut's spacesuit and view actual food items sent to the International Space Station.

How to Build a Satellite, Fourth – Eighth Grade

Building a satellite takes many steps, requires help from a team, and needs creativity and innovation to make things work. Participants will explore the engineering design process and how scientists and engineers at Goddard use it to solve problems. They will also talk about tools and components of a satellite with demonstrations focusing on infrared light.

Goddard Overview, Ninth Grade - Adult

With facilities in Maryland, Virginia, New Mexico, Texas, New York and West Virginia, Goddard is a place where a mission can proceed from start to finish: from planning to building to testing and even launching. Goddard is also involved in nearly every NASA science mission involving Earth science, planetary science, heliophysics (the study of the Sun and our local space environment) and astrophysics. Participants will receive an overview presentation focused on current missions.

These 30 to 45-minute virtual field trips are available to groups with a minimum of eight participants.

As an alternative to a field trip, the Goddard Visitor Center posts self-guided virtual experiences with activities, videos and public events focusing on different missions each month.

To schedule a virtual field trip, please email

For more information about virtual field trips with the Goddard Visitor Center and virtual experiences, visit: or

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