Morph InfiniConnect: Bluetooth Earbuds Have Evolved

Morph InfiniConnect: Bluetooth Earbuds Have Evolved

Morph Audio today announced its latest groundbreaking TrueWireless earbuds, the Morph InfiniConnect. 1600% funded on Kickstarter, the earbuds are now available on Indiegogo InDemand.

These next generation Bluetooth earbuds feature a world-first capability of allowing users to pair with an infinite number of devices, and to seamlessly switch audio connection anytime to any device, across any operating system, via a smart control case.

The Morph InfiniConnect incorporates a full range of state-of-the-art features and performance specifications powered by the latest Qualcomm processors. The product has an OLED display on the touch-control Smart Case, and includes premium tier capabilities such as Transparency Mode, Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, Always-On Voice Assistant, 24-hour Battery Life on a single charge (50 hours with the charging case), True Wireless Mirroring, High Resolution aptX Voice, aptX Adaptive Codec, and 8th Generation cVc processing.

The unique earbuds shape has been crafted based on the team's years of data obtained from creating thousands of custom in-ear moulds, Morph has created a near perfect generic earphone shape that fits amazingly well with maximum comfort.

Morph earphones are pro-tuned by its in-house team of audio engineers, who have more than a decade of experience in crafting professional grade in-ear monitors for stage musicians. Every aspect of the earpiece is carefully designed, from the internal cavity shape, to the placement of the components, to ensure amazing pristine detail in audio reproduction.

"When the team started looking at the true-wireless earbuds market a year ago, it was apparent that over the last few years, innovation in TWS earbuds has stagnated - almost every earbuds look the same, work the same way, and are from the same set of OEM factories simply rebadged with some minor tweaks in aesthetics or specs. To us, this signaled the market space is ripe for disruption. So we went back to first-principles to look at what really mattered from the user experience, to create something that really is a step jump from everything else out there," said Darran Nathan, CEO of Morph Audio.

"The result of that intensive effort is the Morph InfiniConnect, a bold and innovative take on TrueWireless earbuds, to redefine them as next-generation ambient computing devices. These devices will continue to receive Over-The-Air updates when already in users hands, so will continue to be upgraded regularly with new features. And we have some really exciting capabilities on our roadmap for the next few years."

About Morph InfiniConnect

  • Rapidly Switch Between Infinite Devices
  • From listening to music on an iPhone, to taking a zoom call on a Windows Laptop, to switching over to watch a movie on an Android TV or tablet - control is at a user's fingertips via the smart case. Switch connections quickly to any of an unlimited number of devices previously paired with, across any operating system, via the smart case UI. Today's typical modern end-user interacts with an average of five different devices over the course of a day. These are the one earbuds to connect across all the devices a user interacts with, over an entire day.
  • Complete Audio Control via The Smart Case UI
  • All functionality can be controlled from the intuitive smart case user interface. Using a touch control OLED Screen, users can play media, pause, change volume, toggle noise cancellation, control transparency mode levels, set up pairing with new devices, switch connections, etc.
  • OLED Screen for Vital Information Display
  • Battery life of each individual earbud and the case itself, as well as the name of the current device connected to, are always within sight at all times. No more fumbling to try to figure out which device the earbuds are connected to the moment they're turned on. No more surprises running low on battery during a call, or struggling to check how much battery life is left using the same device that is hosting a video call.
  • Morph InfiniConnect is LE Audio Ready
  • Morph InfiniConnect already supports this new Bluetooth standard. LE Audio supports broadcast Bluetooth from a single source to multiple earphones - allowing users to share music from a single device, with family and friends. This is perfect for watching TV at home with your partner while the kids are asleep. But this introduces an even more complex variation of sources you can switch your earphones to. For users in the LE Audio world, using individual earphones and being able to quickly switch over from one source to another, is essential. But this is where current earbuds UX is an unbelievable hassle.

Technical Specifications

The most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds ever.
  • Ultra Long battery - 24h battery life with single charge, 50h with the charging case.
  • Bluetooth 5.2, LE Audio Ready - Hardware already supports the next Bluetooth standard. Firmware upgradeability ensures maximum support as and when new LE Audio devices are released over the next years.
  • Qualcomm Adaptive ANC - Latest in ultra-low power Active Noise Cancellation tech from Qualcomm that users can leave running through the day with minimal impact on battery life. Adaptive ANC adjusts in real time to changes in how the earbuds fit a user's ears. It does not rely on requiring a tight seal in the ear, but rather monitors the amount of noise that gets through, and adjusts the audio and ANC accordingly in real time. This provides best in class performance especially in environments where the earbuds may move such as during fitness workouts.
  • Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring - For automatic and seamless primary/secondary role handover between earbuds, for a super stable drop-free signal. Use one earbud, or the other, or both. Switch between them anytime, with no interruption to your audio.
  • Transparency Mode - Super-low latency "leak-through" for environmental awareness. Allows you to hear the surroundings without needing to remove the earbuds.
  • Always-On Voice Assistant - So you can use these services anytime your hands are busy, such as when driving or cycling, without needing to tap on a button.
  • aptX Adaptive - Latest in Bluetooth codec for earbuds. Dynamic low latency mode, Adaptive bit rate, HD quality audio.
  • aptX Voice - For extreme clarity in voice calls. Enables 32kHz Super Wideband voice calls over Bluetooth.
  • 8th Gen cVc audio processing - Suite of algorithms for Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression with 2-mic input.
  • Knowles Balanced Armature driver - A single full range high quality BA driver, pro-tuned for amazing clarity in the mids, and a punchy but not overbearing bass.
  • IPX5 - Sweatproof for use in heavy workouts.
  • Earbuds Tap Detection - Configurable single / double tap detection on the earbuds themselves.
  • Wireless Charging - for easy and convenient charging of the smartcase.
  • Spatial Audio - HRTF based spatial audio processing for amazingly immersive audio.

Pricing and Availability

1 Unit x Early Bird: USD 104 (Usual USD 150, save 30%)
2 Units x Early Bird: USD 179 (Usual USD 300, save 40%)
3 Units x Early Bird: USD 246 (Usual USD 450, save 45%)

Estimated shipping date is November 2021. For more information, or to back this project, visit the Indiegogo campaign page at

SOURCE Morph Audio

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