AXLOIE S7 and AXLOIE S6 Sports Earbuds Custom Designed for Fitness Enthusiasts

AXLOIE S7 and AXLOIE S6 Sports Earbuds Custom Designed for Fitness Enthusiasts

AXLOIE, a cutting-edge true wireless sport earbuds brand, introduced two new products which represent the future of TWS sport earbuds. AXLOIE S7, earbuds with internal storage and AXLOIE S6, earbuds with heart rate monitor are both created for exercise fanatics. Themed Be Bold, the launch event also showcased AXLOIE's attempt of pioneering a free and healthy workout style with its innovative products.

Addressing the hassle of exercising with a phone and the eternal question, "Where should I put my phone when running?" AXLOIE S7 steps up to the plate with a pair of sports earbuds that add no extra weight, have zero distractions, fit comfortably in-ear without falling out, and have no battery concerns. Equipped with two extra chips, AXLOIE S7 can store as many as 245 songs (4MB per song). The internal storage feature and secure-fit, soft-silicone ear hooks liberate sport enthusiasts from distractions such as the sudden jump-in of calls and the discomfort caused by a connecting wire constantly chafing the neck.

AXLOIE S7 employs Qualcomm® aptX™ audio technology to bring premium stereo sound quality to users. Designed with Player Mode and Earphone Mode, it guarantees 4-and 10-hour of battery life. With another three charging cycles stored in the charging case, users will enjoy a total battery life of 16-or 40-hours on different modes. This means, a runner, using the device in Player Mode, can finish a full marathon, accompanied only by their most cherished music, without their phone.

High heart rate exercises will cause potential harm to human body, and the accumulation of harms could lead to a burst, such as sudden death. So, a reminder, such as AXLOIE S6, to avoid overtraining sometimes could be a lifesaver. Equipped with an in-ear precision heart rate monitor, AXLOIE S6 uses infrared PPG sensor technology for data capture while avoiding interference caused by factors such as skin pigment. With its integrated App, AXLOIE S6 allows users to set up customized sport profiles for tracking all activities and monitoring fitness progress.

With AXLOIE, earbuds are no longer just smartphone accessories but independent devices. Both products are available on AXLOIE's website (AXLOIE S7 / AXLOIE S6) and on Amazon (AXLOIE S7 / AXLOIE S6) for US$99.99.

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