CES 2021 dp Smart Technology Creates Cutting-edge, Powerful, Slim, and Stylish Rogy 360° Livestream Camera

CES 2021 dp Smart Technology Creates Cutting-edge, Powerful, Slim, and Stylish Rogy 360° Livestream Camera

dp Smart Technology is proud to introduce the Rogy360 streaming camera – a cutting-edge, powerful, slim, and stylish 360° livestream camera that provides users with the ability to record wirelessly for up to 6 hours and to share across Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other social media channels with only a few clicks. 

Rogy's 360° livestream camera solution addresses the primary challenges of challenging user experience, complicated processing, and high price. Rogy360's top-of-the-line technology, created through extensive research and development, simplifies live streaming and eliminates the high cost of hiring professionals without sacrificing quality – what more could one ask for?

Solving your Livestream Shooting Issues

In with the new, out with the old: Compared to the limited peripheral capture angles of traditional fisheye lenses, Rogy360 reach uses six powerful, big-pixel, high sensitivity CMOS sensors to improve the appearance of distorted, stitched photos and to create vivid experiences that are fully encapsulated and brought to life.

Earthquake Filter No More: Whether you're capturing impressive ski jumps or rambunctious family gatherings, blurry videos and photos are a thing of the past thanks to Rogy360's 3D Anti-Shake stabilization capability.

Night Crawler: The 8K/photo 4K/video 360° panoramic filming captures high-resolution details even in scenes with dark backdrops and surroundings.

Chameleon-Like Flexibility: Built-in Wi-Fi functionality and direct, live streaming options to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other social media platforms allow users to live stream anytime, anywhere without needing to tie up their phones. Yes, this means you can check the weather, text your friends and family, see if your team is winning the game, find your hotel booking confirmation, and multitask as you please…all without disrupting precious moments captured on your Rogy360.

VR Mania: Step into 3D simulations of your photos and videos to relive your entertainment experiences in 360° all over again. The easiest way to travel!

Simple Content Editing within the App: Our exclusive app allows users to view and edit recorded 360° videos and photos and even to select screen-captured 2D photos from within 360° videos. It also supports instant image post-production. Select the special effect and see the results immediately.

From Taiwan, Made for the World

dp Smart Technology's core team has over 20 years of experience in the digital imaging market. dp Smart Technology was established in early 2019 in Taiwan and has emerged as a leader in robust innovations, technology integrations, and outstanding product quality in the worldwide digital market.

The dp Smart Technology team is thrilled to be one a "100 Taiwanese startups to watch", and we are excited to exhibit our innovation, the Rogy360, at CES 2021.

Whether you're new to capturing media or a veteran content creator, producing professional quality images and videos has never been so simple.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://livetour.istaging.com

SOURCE dp Smart Technology
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