DesignEvo – a one-stop logo design platform not to be missed

DesignEvo – a one-stop logo design platform not to be missed

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo – a one-stop logo design platform not to be missed


DesignEvo is a logo design platform developed by PearlMountain. It can be used from cross-platform, namely, browsers, Android, iOS, Mac. Whether you are starting a business, setting up a website, making a product, or setting up a personal brand, you usually need a representative logo. DesignEvo is a tool that allows everyone to handle logo design easily and get the best design experience. Having your own unique and distinctive logo, don't wait for you to worry about designing a logo.

DesignEvo has a user-friendly interface, so most can get started quickly and get the logo they want in just a few minutes.

If you are not good at design, on the homepage of DesignEvo, there are more than 10,000 templates to choose from. As long as you select the relevant industry and then choose the logo design you need, you can do it. Change the name and slogan on the designed logo template, and then change the logo color. You can even continue to add the logo elements you want. Soon you can create a logo that meets your requirements. In other words, all you should do on your logo design is to select a template for quick customization, or select a logo from the beginning, enter the logo text, change the color, font, and size, and then download the logo, and you will be successful. If you want to design a unique logo entirely by yourself, you can start designing from a blank canvas. DesignEvo provides a variety of different icons and elements to have a unique and professional logo design.

DesignEvo main features

Massive templates: more than 10,000+ logo templates are available to use. Just click on different categories or enter keywords. You can find logo designs that meet your requirements from 10,000+ logo templates and customize them according to your preferences.

Vast stocks of fonts and icons: millions of professionally designed icons and 100+ different styles of fonts are at your disposal, which can easily take your logo design to the next level. Besides, 100+ fonts can be applied to your logo design.

Support full customization: any logo can be easily handled at this time. Give your creativity out and create a logo design just for you.

Cloud save: save your logo work to the cloud. You can easily access and edit anytime, anywhere.

Support vector graphics files: There are high-definition SVG and PDF files for an easy download, no need to worry about the image distortion due to zooming, which can meet various requirements such as printing and illustrations.

It has powerful editing tools: crop, resize, rotate, layer management, copy, undo, redo, etc.

Professional logo design, every template is made by professional designers, so you will feel that the logos are more professional.

Production is fast, time-saving, and labor-saving: From the beginning of the design to the logo's downloading, it is very quickly. If you don't need to modify it, it takes about 5 minutes. Compared to the design logo with other complicated programs, it is time-saving after using DesignEvo. Especially for you who are not good at design, as long as you choose a good template and fine-tune it, you can create your own logo, significantly improving the efficiency.

Clear classification and more than ten thousand designs: DesignEvo's sort is unambiguous. As long as you take minutes, look at the category and logo nature, there will be more than a variety of logos you can choose from.

6 steps to customize your logo with DesignEvo

Step 1: Google the website

Access the DesignEvo website and click the "Make a Free Logo" button to enter the template gallery page.

Step 2: Adit the choosing template

Add template: For finding your satisfied logo, you can enter keywords such as the related industry in the search box. And then, select your favorite template from the search results to add it to the canvas.

Step 3: Edit text

After that, choose the template, you can add text. Click "Text" in the toolbar on the left to add the company name or slogan, and select your favorite font or artistic word from the font library.

If you want to change the text attributes, click the text box that needs to be edited, and you can edit the text from the menu.

Color: Change the text color.

Text style button: Set bold, italic, and capitalization.

Effect button: Set special effects.

Text format: Set the alignment and word spacing.

Step 4: Add Icon and shape

Add Icon: Click "Icon" in the toolbar on the left, and then click your favorite icon to add it to the canvas.

If you want to change the Icon property, click the icon that needs to be edited to edit it.

Color: The button is filled with the Icon color.

Flip or flip: flip the icon horizontally or vertically.

Effect button: Change Icon transparency.

Step 5: Add and customize shapes

Add shape: Click "Shape" in the toolbar on the left. There are seven categories, including solid shapes, outlined shapes, badges, banners, decorations, lines and symbols.

Step 6: Download

After successfully creating the logo, you can save and download it. Then you can click the download button at the right top to get your logo design file directly.

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