Turn Any PC into a Polycade Video Gaming System with Polycade's New Arcade Gaming Software and Supporting Hardware

Turn Any PC into a Polycade Video Gaming System with Polycade's New Arcade Gaming Software and Supporting Hardware

Polycade, the modern arcade gaming system, today announced Polycade Arcade Gaming Software (Polycade AGS) turning any PC into a Polycade video game system. Polycade also announced today Polycade 2600, a PC gaming console designed for the living room, Polycade eZpZ Controller, a SNES-styled classic controller, and Polycade Arcade Controller, bringing arcade style gaming to the couch. To help curate games for casual and midcore players, Polycade also introduced it's new game store platform that allows players to easily find the right game for them.

Polycade AGS provides players with an easy and powerful way to organize and launch games they own from multiple platforms such as Steam, GOG, and Utomik, creating one unified library that can be played with Polycade game controllers or typical arcade controls. Additionally, for the seasoned gamer, Polycade AGS includes popular emulators baked-in and pre-configured, to make running retro ROMs easier than ever. Also included are leaderboards for nearly any retro arcade game, an achievements system that awards players with real cloth patches similar to what Activision did in the 80's, and a unique game rating system to help make it even easier to find the right games for the right player, and the right game for the right moment.

"Nearly everyone likes video games, but not everyone's a gamer," said Tyler Bushnell, co-founder and CEO of Polycade. "The higher the learning curve and commitment a game requires, more people will opt out. Everyone enjoys a game that's easy to learn, but difficult to master. We designed Polycade AGS to be super easy for the low-commitment players, yet with a lot of customizability and extensibility for the midcore and power users."

Also included in Polycade AGS is a game store that allows players to purchase legally licensed retro games and well-curated modern titles with a focus on social, in-person play. Polycade AGS will have over 100 games to choose from at launch.

For those that want a console-style experience in the living room, Polycade 2600 is a plug and play PC preloaded with Polycade AGS. The clean-lined powder coated steel case is designed with modern aesthetics in mind. Polycade 2600 includes two Polycade eZpZ Controllers, a 240GB SSD with option to upgrade to 1TB.

Two different high quality controllers complement Polycade's casual and mid-core gaming platform: Polycade eZpZ Controller and Polycade Arcade Controller. Both controllers feature bluetooth wireless, rechargeable battery, and support for additional platforms like the Switch. Polycade eZpZ Controller is a back-to-the-basics SNES style controller, and The Polycade Arcade Controller gives players a real arcade feel from the comfort of their couch.

Due to Polycade's launch success with its first crowdfunding campaign (raising over $125k for a $25k ask), and in order to engage new and old Polycade fans, Polycade is conducting a second crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Backers will receive early access to the Polycade software at the end of the campaign, and will also get a number of exclusive perks. Polycade consoles and controllers will ship within six months.

Learn more about the Polycade software here.

SOURCE Polycade

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