Duolink Go Launches World's First SpeakerBuds

Duolink Go Launches World's First SpeakerBuds

Duolink Go is debuting a world's first today with the launch of its SpeakerBuds three-in-one device, combining true wireless earbuds and a two-part charging case with in-built speakers, for pre-order via Kickstarter.

Designed to transfer music in seconds, with Duolink SpeakerBuds, consumers can listen to music all day in comfort via the snug-fit earbuds, or slot the earbuds into the speaker(s) to transfer music for others to enjoy too. Duolink SpeakerBuds' stereo speakers also offer high-quality sound on both sides of a room, up to 22 feet.

Fully charged after just two hours, Duolink SpeakerBuds run for up to six hours and, thanks to the speaker acting as a power bank, have a two times longer battery life compared to similar products on the market. Users can even charge while still playing music by slotting the earbuds into the speaker.

Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection to any mobile device, lightweight and water-resistant (IP54), and portable for on-the-go acoustics or seamless music sharing, even at a distance, SpeakerBuds' AI noise-canceling mics have voice enhancement technology to extract a user's voice from noisy environments, making calls crystal clear – even in the midst of a party.

Crafted using medical silicone for the ultimate in-ear comfort for all-day wear, SpeakerBuds' shark fin earbuds with internally tapered tips ensure they fit snugly. Tap control allows users to easily adjust volume, pick up or hang up calls, and activate a voice assistant, and summon Siri, all at their fingertips.

Available in red, white and navy blue, Duolink SpeakerBuds offer consumers music their way to suit all manner of lifestyles.

Duolink SpeakerBuds are available now via https://bit.ly/2CxKYyC for $149 (£125), but early birds can snap theirs up for $79 (£65) for a limited time.

SOURCE Duolink Go

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