TouchSource Wellness Kiosks Deliver Contactless Messaging With Temperature Readings and Hand Sanitizing

TouchSource Wellness Kiosks Deliver Contactless Messaging With Temperature Readings and Hand Sanitizing

As the country reopens, property managers, human resource professionals, and facility managers have rallied to create safer lobbies and access to buildings. New building safety measures require a new set of tools that support good and constant communications as well as safe distancing and protective health procedures.

TouchSource, the leader in smart digital signage, has led the industry in offering digital building directories, kiosks and interactive visitor and tenant communications. The company has extended its innovative solutions to enable property owners and managers to safely re-open public spaces using contactless, interactive directory-to-mobile apps, and new safety compliance solutions.

To support visitor safety programs, TouchSource is now introducing the TouchSource Taos wellness kiosk. The TouchSource Taos can display contactless public health messaging, directory, and wayfinding content on a digital display along with built-in temperature sensors and touchless hand sanitation in the kiosk. Its cloud-based software allows users to easily deliver always-current messaging that's easy to update. The Taos is perfect for contactless wellness assessments, vendor check-in and auditing of health safety compliance, visitor management, and touchless concierge applications. The Taos is also available in a variety of powder coat colors and ready for custom vinyl applications for a solution that fits any brand.

Now users can deliver highly visual, digital information that keeps pace with rapidly changing public health messages from a safe distance. Let visitors see and scan information to personal mobile devices while sanitizing their hands and doing a quick wellness check. Place at least one unit at each entrance and leverage TouchSource safety messaging options for optimum impact. Deploy contactless TouchSource Mobile Directory and Mobile Wayfinding with the kiosk to support easy and safe visitor movement throughout the facility. Add contactless visitor concierge to make it easy for visitors to call tenants from the kiosk.

Manage vendors more easily with vendor check-in forms and acknowledgment of safety and health requirements. Maintain an auditable list of vendor compliance. As things change in the future, the temperature functions can be easily disabled or utilized as proximity sensors for dynamic content experiences. The Taos is designed to be future-proof beyond the current health crisis and be a long-term asset for any public space.

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