Latest Auto Tech Products To Watch Out For On The Market

Latest Auto Tech Products To Watch Out For On The Market

Based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 94% of road incidents were due to driver error. Most accidents were caused by missing hazard warnings and distracted driving. Now more than ever, tech companies are developing new innovations to make vehicles safer, connected, and autonomous on the road.

Not to mention, auto tech companies are working together to come up with driver safety systems that can help drivers to reduce road accidents. Here are some of the latest auto tech products to watch out for on the market.

Haptic Feedback Chip

Touch screen navigation systems are common in modern SUVs and other vehicles, but they also have limitations and can be quite distracting to drivers. Haptic feedback appears to be the next trend in automotive interfacing where it can help drivers and passengers use the dashboard with minimal distraction. For example, Boreas Technologies, the company behind haptic technology, has created a low power, high-voltage piezoelectric driver integrated circuit that will activate high-definition haptic feedback in a vehicle’s infotainment system.

Virtual Visors

Bosch is also planning to replace sunscreen visors on vehicles with transparent LCDs that will protect the eyes from the sun’s glare without reducing visibility of the road. The Virtual Visor, as the company calls it, is equipped with a camera that will keep track of the driver’s face and eyes. The embedded computer vision technology will then block the visual area for protection and coverage. It will appear like a floating blocking point wherein the section of the visor that covers the eyes is darken, while the rest remains transparent.

Adaptive Driving Beam Technology

Koito Manufacturing has developed an Adaptive Driving Beam technology that selectively brightens and dims certain parts of the road for better visibility. Utilizing a camera sensor that signals the LED, the ADB tech will dim the light if there is incoming traffic. This will avoid the harsh glare which can disrupt the other driver’s capability to see the road. Koito Manufacturing’s BladeScan ADB reduces the dimmed area in front of the vehicle while enhancing visibility of pedestrians and incoming traffic without creating a glare that can affect others on the road.

With the goal of reducing potential road accidents and preserving human life, we will see more automotive tech innovations that will change the future of vehicles and our driving experience, too.

Photo by Hannes Egler on Unsplash
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