The Best Tech Items in 2020 for Your Home Office

The Best Tech Items in 2020 for Your Home Office

Your home office might be steps away from your living room and kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look and feel like a real office. All you need to do is incorporate some of the top home office tech of 2020. From data storage and security to ergonomic items, these devices can make your home office feel and look a bit more, well, officey.

External Hard Drive

Whether you are working on a PC or Mac, one thing is for certain: no matter what operating system you have, an external hard drive is a must have. There are dozens of ways to lose data, from mechanical damages to the fragile parts of your computer to devastating power failures, losing data at some point during your career is almost inevitable. Keep your files safe and secure with an external hard drive. An external hard drive like the Buffalo MiniStation Extreme is not only compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, it is faster than many of its competitors and it is compact, too, leaving room on your desk for other work essentials. The external hard drive is designed to safeguard against natural elements and offers features like water and standard dust resistance. And you can even easily schedule recurring backups to protect all of your important data.

Home Security Monitoring System

A statistic from the Federal Bureau of Investigation states that an estimated 2 million homes across the United States are burglarized each year. And that’s, well, alarming. Your home office could also serve double duty as a hub for a home security monitoring system. 4K Ultra HD security cameras from Lorex paired with a digital video recorder (DVR) provide a discreet means of monitoring and recording movement and activity in and around your house. This compact unit has motion detection capability and remote connectivity along with Smart Home Voice Control and is a key component to peace of mind, whether you’re working at home or away.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Many workplaces across the globe are taking a fresh look at the benefits of ergonomics; but big companies and large corporations shouldn’t be the only ones thinking about the affect ergonomics. Ergonomics play an important role in employee engagement, as well as workplace productivity and work quality. For example, the poor positioning of computers, desks, chairs and keyboards throughout workspaces can put a strain on the body. This often results in fatigue and an overall negative impact on employee productivity. However, proper positioning of office furniture and devices can ease tension and raise engagement, productivity and work quality.

There are even devices like keyboards designed with ergonomics in mind. The Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business by Microsoft puts your wrists in an ideal position for optimum comfort and support while you work. It features a split keyboard layout and a cushioned palm rest to protect against potential repetitive stress injuries and inflammation. If you’re looking to incorporate more ergonomic items into your home office this year, this ergonomic keyboard should be your first purchase.

Whether you’re searching for a way to bring ergonomics into your office or create a work space that’s more secure, these home office tech items can help you do just that.

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