Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Samsara Luggage Announces Global Launch of Essentials by Samsara in Response to COVID-19 - "Essentials" Safety Kit Supports the Current Demand for Protective Products

Samsara Luggage (OTC: SAML) today announced the global launch of Essentials by Samsara, a safety kit containing protective products that are currently in high-demand. The company will donate kits to a charity in need of supplies and provide the kit to consumers looking to protect themselves with the appropriate products during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Samsara brand was started to provide products that would give people an added sense of safety and security," says Atara Dzikowski, CEO and Co-founder of Samsara Luggage. "We want to continue to provide a wide variety of solutions for our customers to address this challenging time."

While Samsara Luggage is supportive of the social distancing measures being enforced by government officials, the brand also recognizes that there are essential healthcare providers who are still commuting and traveling for the greater good of the global community. The company plans to donate the Essentials by Samsara safety kits to healthcare workers in need of supplies.

In the coming days, Samsara will roll-out the Essentials by Samsara kit. Each kit contains a reusable mask with filter, sanitizing gel, four sanitizing pads and three pairs of disposable gloves. The kit will be available for purchase on the Samsara Luggage website for $19.50. Customers who purchase a Samsara suitcase will receive the kit for free.

Samsara Luggage sees the Essentials by Samsara safety kit as a shared solution relevant for the current Coronavirus pandemic and when the global community is cleared for travel again. The company is seeking strategic partnerships that will be meaningful in its efforts to provide the right safety gear to consumers and travelers.

SOURCE Samsara Luggage Inc
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