Handy Tips by IT Pros for Server Maintenance in 2020

Handy Tips by IT Pros for Server Maintenance in 2020

IT is a special skill all on its own. If you aren’t getting your software and systems correct, then your whole company is suffering from a slow-down. With the right maintenance and a few regular checks, you can keep on top of your IT and make sluggish performance a thing of the past!
How to Maintain your Servers in 2020

As we move into a new decade it is important to think about how we maintain servers for high productivity and speed. Low performance means low production… is that a chance your business is willing to take?

Here are our key professional tips on how to make your servers work for you…

1 – Have a Maintenance Plan in Place

Without a plan, your server would likely end up neglected from one year to the next. Neglected servers result in a poor end user experience, which ultimately sees you lose out to the competition. Don’t take that risk. Designating your IT department or your IT firm to establish a permanent maintenance plan is the first step to server health.

If you don’t have an IT firm to hand, visit Spectra.com for more details.

2 – Keep on top of Space

A server maintenance plan is one thing – but nothing online will ever flow smoothly if you don’t give it enough space to work. As video replaces photo as the preferred social media content method; so too does the need for space increase. Make sure you allocate plenty of extra GB for IT server maintenance moving forward into 2020.
3 – That Server gets Hot!

WiseGeek advise that you make sure you monitor the core temperature of the network applications. Any hardware connected to the network should be monitored while you are engaging in any maintenance. The temperature of the machinery is a good indication as to how healthy the server is. In addition to this, if a machine does overheat you risk burning out the motherboard and losing vital information.

People don’t often consider the heat a PC can produce if they are working hard. If your server is left untended for too long it becomes a fire risk, as well as redundant. Keep updating regularly to prevent this.

4 – User Testing will Expand
The market for having users test your website experience is growing. As we move into 2020, we are seeing a growth in the gig economy. This growth can be seen best in online fields. Paying someone to test how your server performs when they are on the client’s end of things could be a big help to your firm. Insights mean profit, as we know.

5 – 24 Hour Availability

Every moment your service is down is an inconvenience to visitors to your site. This will have a knock-on impact on business one way or another. Even if clients don’t actively complain about your server maintenance times, you will notice a rise in email or phone inquiries, while your servers are offline.

Server maintenance helps eliminate the need for extended offline periods. Regularly shutting once a week or month can save a lot of customer hassle. Consider the modern trend towards 24 hour availability of businesses when you are planning your maintenance. Perhaps the midnight hours are better suited to this kind of work?

Rounding Up

Before you rush off to perform that vital server maintenance, check in with our guide, to make sure you do things the professional way.

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