Book’s has changed how people now read books. Gone are the days that you would have paperback novels stacked up to the ceiling. Now you can have any EBook downloaded right onto your kindle, laptop, tablet or even a phone with just a click. However, the important things about EBook’s are the fact that they need to be accurate in their design. They should be able to grasp the attention of your audience. With EBook design software, styling your EBooks has become such an easy task.

Here are ten things that you must keep in mind whenever you are designing your own EBook.

The Style

For any EBook, the one thing that can truly make it memorable is its style. The reason that it is very important is that it can make the reader more interested in a particular type of EBook solely based on its style. The template that you choose for your EBook is what contributes towards the over style. Nowadays, all you have to do is plug in your content, review it, choose the template style you like, and ta-da you have a brilliant new EBook all set to take over people within no time.

Incorporate Images

The attention span of people has visibly shrunken over the period that has passed. Previously people would take more amounts of time to pay attention to a particular thing even though it might not be that interesting. Nowadays, you need to grab their attention as quickly as possible. Make sure that you fully incorporate the use of the image in your EBook. The use of pictures makes your EBook very more fascinating, and the overall appeal of it increases greatly. Make sure you use pictures that are appropriate when you design your EBook.

A Fun Cover

Never underestimate the power of a good EBook cover, my friends. Know this that most people will judge your EBook from the top cover alone. So make sure that you give something worthy of their attention. Create a cover that is both visually pleasing and concur with the style/content of the EBook. Focus more of the actual portrayal of the cover and how it makes the viewer feel. This way you can decide on the best way to get a fun cover for your EBook.

Table Of Contents Is Must

Table of contents is always a must, whether it is a paperback book or an EBook. In an EBook, this is a very useful feature because you can link the respective content chapters to those mentioned in the table of contents. It can help the reader in going back and forth between chapters only with the help of the table of contents. It can give the reader a full insight into the kind of content you have in your EBook, and they can even peek trough a particular chapter if they like if it is linked properly.

Use Appropriate Mode

Usage of appropriate mood is one element that most people often forget to pay attention to while designing an EBook. Make sure that you are very particular about the type of mode that you set your EBook in. Some EBooks are set nicely in the portrait mode while some are better off in the landscape mode. Analyze your content and then set it out evenly in the mode that best supports your EBook while looking nice. If you have more graphics in your EBook, then go for a landscape mode while you can use the portrait mode for a more written content-based EBook.

Make The Content Engaging

This is no hidden secret that the backbone for any EBook is its content. If you do not have content that is engaging enough in your EBook, then nothing can save it from doom. Make sure that whatever content you are putting, whether it is informative or descriptive, is of quality and can retain the attention of your readers. Keep your content short, informal and very simple so that it is easier for your readers to comprehend what you are trying to say. Try to create content that the actual readers can also relate to as this can make them feel connected to your EBook.

Create A Theme

Not making a theme for your EBook is a very common mistake that many people do. There are countless themes out there that can perfectly suit your EBook. Many people tend to ignore this and can have different variations of things going around in the various section of the EBook; This vision does not look appealing and seems very unprofessional also. Make sure that you have nice themes picked out that run fully through your EBook and is consistent in every way.

Have Social Media Sharing

Today the world is all about social media presence. Brands or people that have a good social media presence are visibly doing much better than those who do not have any social media presence. When you design your EBook, make sure that you can use it as a tool to increase your social media presence. Incorporate all kinds of social media sharing buttons for all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Wordpress etc.; This can increase the number your followers which also a great way to get new readers on board in a quick way.

Mobile-Friendly Design

If your readers are anything like me, then they prefer reading books on their phone. The comfort of having everything in one place can put you ease. Some EBooks often do not have a mobile-friendly version that can set the reads a little off. If you do not have a mobile-friendly version of your EBook, then once downloaded on the phone, it can get distorted quite a lot. Whenever you design an EBook, make sure that you always create a version that is mobile friendly so that the readers can enjoy it anywhere.

Visual Elements

The visual elements also play a huge role in making sure that your EBook is of top quality. Try to break up large chunks of texts with certain visual aids that can help explain thing more proficiently; This can help you in making sure that your message has been sent across to the reader and that they understand the point that you are trying to explain without using too many words.


Designing your on EBook is quite interesting but make sure that you keep these delicate elements in minds. Messing up even one or two of these components can make your EBook seem unattractive to the readers, so make sure you design it with care.

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