Tivic Health Announces New Bioelectronic Sinus Pain Benefits At CES Eureka Park 50527

Tivic Health Announces New Bioelectronic Sinus Pain Benefits At CES Eureka Park 50527

Tivic Health™ Systems Inc., a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree, will be at CES in Eureka Park booth 50527 demonstrating ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief, the first bioelectronic solution for sinus pain cleared by the FDA. According to McKinsey & Associates, Bioelectronic Medicine "has the potential to become a pillar of medical treatment and play a key role in the future of medtech innovation."

A Last Gadget Standing 2020 finalist, ClearUP is a small handheld device that uses a gentle proprietary microcurrent wave, low-current electrical stimulation, to treat adults 18+ with allergic rhinitis – seasonal or year-round allergies. ClearUP is unique because it's drug-free, has no chemical side effects, is available over-the-counter without a prescription and is clinically proven and FDA cleared to help manage sinus pain for the 50+ million allergy sufferers in the U.S. ClearUP is available at Amazon, BestBuy.com and select Best Buy retail stores, Walgreens.com and https://tivichealth.com. MSRP $149.

2020 CES Digital Health Summit: A New Wave of Electric Medicine: No Rx Required
On January 7, Tivic Health CEO Jennifer Ernst will be speaking at the CES Digital Health Summit, A New Wave of Electric Medicine: No Rx Required. She will examine how bioelectronic medicine is harnessing the electrical properties of human physiology and how state-of-the-art, non-invasive treatments are producing massive therapeutic benefits. Venetian, Lando Room #4305 at 4:20 pm.

"The human body is an electrochemical system and for decades, medicine has focused on the chemistry part of the equation," said Jennifer Ernst, CEO of Tivic Health. "Now we are seeing many companies developing ways to intervene on the electrical side. Tivic Health is proud to be on the forefront of bringing bioelectronic medicine to the mainstream with accessible and affordable over-the-counter products."

Tivic Health's Paper in Bioelectronic Medicine Reveals New ClearUP Benefits
Tivic Health conducted a four-week clinical study to demonstrate the dramatic reduction in symptom severity when ClearUP is used regularly. Thirty-one subjects with moderate facial sinus pain used ClearUP one to four times a day as needed at home.

The study, recently published in Bioelectronic Medicine, showed four weeks of use resulted in increasing reduction of sinus pain. Week four showed an impressive decrease of 43 percent in sinus pain. In addition, study participants reported reduction in their use of sinus drugs. Lastly, the study examined duration and discovered that a typical five-minute treatment lasts up to six hours.

How to Use ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief
To use ClearUP, slowly glide the tip along the outside of your cheek, nasal bone and under the brow bone for a quick five-minute treatment. It's simple to use with one-button control, three levels of customization and a light and vibration system to guide the user to the treatment points.

About Tivic Health Systems Inc.
Tivic Health Systems Inc. is a bioelectronic device company dedicated to developing microcurrent therapy solutions for chronic diseases and conditions. ClearUP was named to TIME's 2019 Best Inventions in the healthcare category and received a CES 2020 Innovation Honoree Award. Founded in 2016, Tivic Health is part of a $6.2B global neuromodulation industry and is dedicated to harnessing the power of neuromodulation for home use products and empowering people to improve their health and quality of life. @TivicHealth www.facebook.com/TivicHealth

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