Pocketalk Announces 2020 Model Of Two-Way Translation Device, Marking Official U.S. Launch

Pocketalk Announces 2020 Model Of Two-Way Translation Device, Marking Official U.S. Launch

Pocketalk, the global leader in connecting conversations and removing language barriers, today announced the newest model of its popular Pocketalk two-way translator device at the Unveiled press event at the 2020 International CES show in Las Vegas, Nev.

Smaller size: lighter and more compact for easier travel
Larger screen: 16% larger touch surface for additional clarity
Camera: instantly recognizes and translates text, the written word and signs, because language shouldn't be limited to just verbal communication
Conversion: computes exchanges for currency, length, width and temperature
Faster: increased software processing speed for more immediate translations
More connected: with support for a wider mobile band, users will notice a stronger data signal across the world
One-button translation: for simple translations in fewer steps

Pocketalk is a multi-sensory, two-way translation device designed for full conversations, even in noisy environments. With a sleek design encompassing a large touchscreen, two high-quality speakers, noise-cancelling microphones and a text-to-translate camera, Pocketalk is able to create connections across 74 different languages in more than 130 countries and regions. By utilizing the best translation engines from around the world, Pocketalk provides a consistently accurate experience by picking up localized dialects and slang.

"Pocketalk was developed to connect cultures and create experiences for people that do not speak the same language," said Noriyuki Matsuda, Founder and CEO of Pocketalk. "Our goal with the newest Pocketalk was to take into account the many different ways people communicate. We don't just use voice - we use visuals, we use currencies - all of these connect us closer together and with our newest model, we are providing the most dependable, thoughtful, all-encompassing device to form deeper connections without language as a barrier."

"The early response to the product has been tremendous," said Joe Miller, General Manager (Americas) of Pocketalk. "Having 95% market share and more than 600,000 users gives Pocketalk a wonderful understanding of the marketplace and where to innovate. This generation of the product with redefine the translation space and accelerate our march to one million users."

This new model will be available for pre-order beginning January 5 for an MSRP of $299 (in gold, white and black), and will be on display throughout the duration of the CES conference at Booth #42364 in The Sands, Halls A-D. The 2020 International CES event runs January 7-10, 2020.

Additional product information, photos and video can be found in the digital media kit (brandfolder.com/pocketalk). For more information, visit www.pocketalk.net and follow Pocketalk on Instagram and Facebook.

SOURCE Pocketalk
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