NantMobility Announces Release of Groundbreaking Micromobility Scooter

NantMobility Announces Release of Groundbreaking Micromobility Scooter

NantMobility announced the release of the revolutionary Stator electric scooter, an innovative micromobility solution that combines advanced technologies with the utmost in comfort and cutting-edge style. The Stator is now available for pre-order for those who find value in the ability to traverse the urban landscape efficiently, avoiding traffic and traditional transportation hassles, all while remaining a faithful steward of the environment.

A pioneering design, the Stator launch edition is the product of thoughtful, meticulous work by the NantMobility team, crafting a micromobility solution with features unlike any others in the marketplace, while producing a scooter capable of sustained speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. The Stator incorporates:

Advanced, automotive-grade original equipment (OE) instruments
Modal selections tailored to rider skill, situational demand and environment
Bladed wheels for optimal brake and motor cooling
Best-in-class visibility lighting
Durable and quiet DOT-compliant, military-grade tire compounds and proven tread patterns that inspire confidence under all riding conditions

Fully electric, the Stator scooter operates in relative silence, affording its rider the luxury of bypassing city gridlock in peace for more than an hour following a battery charge. This represents a substantial advance in micromobility, in stark contrast to the noisy, fossil-fuel burning scooters currently choking city roads and sidewalks across the country. Stator's speed and ride comfort eclipse the jarring and slow ride that current small wheel scooters deliver.

Unlike low-quality, generic rental scooter options, the Stator is built to last and is available for individual purchase. Each owner will know from the first ride why NantMobility is proud of the Stator and will share in that through the pride of ownership.

Revolutionary Concept

The Stator was conceived by Nathan Allen at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, where it was discovered by inventor and investor Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D. Sensing that it could be the answer to several issues confronting modern transportation, Dr. Soon-Shiong determined he would help bring the Stator to market.

As a result, the Stator is being produced by NantMobility, the newest innovation of NantWorks, a diversified network of health, technology, commerce and digital entertainment organizations founded by Dr. Soon-Shiong. The NantMobility team developed and refined the initial Stator concept to engineer a product combining best-of-breed solutions in convenience, handling, comfort, stability and performance. The stator makes getting around town both fun and efficient.

"Our goal at NantWorks is to combine the collective promise of science, technology, and communication and make it accessible to all people," said Dr. Soon-Shiong. "The Stator Scooter is the physical application of that goal – grace in motion that serves a functional purpose."

Reducing Transportation-Related CO2 Levels

Micromobility represents personal transportation of the future, offering urban mobility while reducing the stress of transportation on a planet where the population in metropolitan areas will grow by 2.5 billion people by 2050.

With one kilowatt-hour of energy, the Stator can travel for more than 80 miles. A gasoline-powered car would travel less than a mile using the same amount of energy, and even an all-electric car would go barley more than four miles. That not only makes micromobility with the Stator incredibly efficient, it also means less reliance on cars, which the Environmental Protection Agency notes are the largest contributor of U.S. greenhouse emissions.

Clean, efficient and reusable, the Stator points the way to a better future – a future that riders can reserve for themselves today. We invite riders who share our vision to experience the future of transportation with us and visit to pre-order a Stator of their own. The first 1,000 Launch Edition Stators will be badged with a metal plate, numbered and signed by the development team.

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