Fisker Ocean at CES 2020: New All-Electric Luxury SUV Pricing, Global Production and Brand Experience Details Revealed

Fisker Ocean at CES 2020: New All-Electric Luxury SUV Pricing, Global Production and Brand Experience Details Revealed

Fisker Inc. – designer and manufacturer of the world's most emotion-stirring, eco-friendly electric vehicles and advanced mobility solutions – is revealing additional details surrounding the Fisker Ocean all-electric luxury SUV at Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas. On the heels of the latest news surrounding the vehicle, including a unique partnership with Electrify America, the largest, open DC Fast charging network for EVs in the United States, Fisker is shedding light on new purchase options for a limited amount of vehicles, unique sustainable design touches and fun in-cabin brand experiences.

Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO – Fisker Inc.
"The human concept of freedom has evolved with instant access to everything through our smart phones. Fisker is the world's first all-digital car company. We are producing electric vehicles with an increased sense of sustainability, while creating an immersive experience built around our mobile platform. When we began to design the Fisker Flexee app experience, we wanted to give our customers the power to access critical vehicle information, a unique media gallery, playable assets and more features that we will be adding over the next several months. Managing a Fisker vehicle and engaging directly with the company will be fun, hassle free and at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere."
"With so much global enthusiasm around our no long-term contract, all-inclusive lease model, we're also answering the call of customers that have expressed interest in a purchase option. Starting at $37,499 (U.S.) for a limited number of vehicles, this reflects our vision in offering an all-electric luxury SUV that's at an accessible price point – also delivering emotional design touches that have been reserved for luxury supercars in the past."
"We have secured a global supply chain and manufacturing capacity that will result in projected production of more than 1 million vehicles between 2022 and 2027. We look forward to sharing even more details at the Geneva Motor Show 2020 – including our fully-engineered platform and more technical specifications."

Emotional Design. Riveting Experiences. Accessible Pricing.

In response to inquiries and requests from customers around the globe, Fisker is revealing a full purchase option for a limited amount of Fisker Ocean vehicles – delivering on the brand's promise of an affordable all-electric luxury SUV to help drive mass electrification.
Reservations are set at $250 (U.S.) for either the full purchase option or the flexible lease program.
Full purchase option: Starting at $37,499 (U.S.) MSRP. After the U.S. federal tax credit is applied, the cost of the Fisker Ocean drops to a starting price of $29,999 (U.S.).
Unprecedented flexible lease model. Reservations are now open through the Fisker mobile app on the App Store and Google Play store, or the Fisker website – set at $250 (U.S.): Drivers can get behind the wheel of the Fisker Ocean starting at $379 (U.S.) per month (with $2,999 down before delivery in 2022, which includes both initiation and activation fees). Fisker will also offer a "$0 drive off" option through a fully financed $2,999 down payment for credit approved customers.
Liberating flexibility: Drivers get to decide how long to keep their Fisker Ocean. As an industry first, a customer can return the vehicle in one month, eight months, 22 months or several years. No long-term contracts, with 30,000 miles per year included.
Experience centers and test drives: Customers will be able to see the vehicles and option packages at select Fisker experience centers in 2020 – as well as schedule test drives through their mobile app in 2021.
Affordable insurance: Even attaining quotes for vehicle insurance will be made easy and hassle free via the Fisker mobile app. Insurance quotes for drivers attaining the Fisker Ocean are projected to be significantly lower than other vehicles on the road today due to a unique and proprietary low cost of service and maintenance model.
A radical new service and maintenance experience: Fisker customers will never have to take their vehicles to service on their own, as Fisker will pick up and return vehicles when maintenance is required, or service is requested – signaled by the onboard system or through the mobile app.
Payments, rewards and referrals: Managing ownership or lease of the Fisker Ocean is made easy – with payment, rewards and referral features part of an all-inclusive experience via the Fisker Flexee mobile app.

Immersive In-Cabin Features. Revolutionary Design Touches. All-Out Fun.

Additional details surrounding the Fisker brand experience are being introduced, including a Karaoke feature through a heads-up display – synched with the Fisker Flexee app for a fun in-vehicle family experience.
Fisker has patented a unique experience called "California Mode." This feature, inspired by the Fisker brand's roots and passion for the Southern California coastline, lowers/slides nine glass windows/panels to open the entire cabin with one touch – creating an open-air feeling, while still maintaining a full "roll cage" safety structure around the passengers.
The feature adds functional utility by allowing the rear hatch glass to drop – enabling long items to be placed through the opening without having to drive with an open tail gate.
Fisker's engineering team patented the overall idea and had to tackle several challenges to achieve what seemingly would be a simple feat – including a never-before-seen reimagining of the vehicle body to enable the rear quarter glass to be electrically opened.
More Fisker brand experience details will be released in the coming months.

Unique Global Supply Chain and High-Volume Production Strategy.

Additional details are being released regarding Fisker's strategy for high-volume production of the Fisker Ocean and upcoming vehicle models.
The company has secured a strategic global and localized supply chain – which includes critical components such as batteries. This will result in global manufacturing capacity across the United States, Europe and China – with projected production of more than 1 million vehicles between 2022 and 2027.
Additional details surrounding Fisker's manufacturing capabilities will be shared at the Geneva Motor Show 2020 – and over the course of the coming year.

Fully-Engineered, Production-Ready Platform. Upcoming Vehicle Models.

The Fisker Ocean all-electric luxury SUV rides on a complete, fully-engineered platform – which will also underpin two additional Fisker models.
More details on future Fisker models will be shared throughout 2020.

The World's Most Sustainable Vehicle – From the Inside-Out.

Fisker Inc. believes that the industry should stop looking at innovation superficially and start taking responsibility for its products, end-to-end – giving customers the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future. Some of the Fisker Ocean's features include (not limited to):
Full-length solar roof:
Supporting the car's electric power source, boosting fuel efficiency and lowering carbon dioxide emissions. Result: 1000 free, clean miles per year.
As the technology evolves, Fisker will feature integrated hardware solutions for better energy yields and more free, clean miles per year.
Fully recycled carpeting:
Made from regenerated nylon, which is made from abandoned fishing net waste – pulled from the oceans and aquaculture.
Vegan interior:
100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane surfaces and 100% reinforced Rayon backing.
Meets stringent chemical emission limits for various VOCs (such as Formaldehyde).
Eco-suede: interior textures and patterns – Dinamica:
Derived from polyester fibers (T-shirts, fibers) and recycled bottles, plastic, etc.
Recycling polyester means reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80% compared to the traditional petrol-based polyester production process.
Eco-sustainability, as well as the lowest levels of polluting emissions and energy consumption, are guaranteed throughout the whole production cycle.
Repurposing rubber waste:
Fisker will utilize discarded rubber waste generated during tire manufacturing that will no longer be dumped in landfills.
Recycling saves impressive amounts of energy, which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
All-electric SUV range:
The all-electric SUV will come standard with an extended range (target of approximately 250 to 300 miles, depending on driving conditions), enabled by an approx. 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The Fisker Ocean is targeted to begin production at the end of 2021 – with the first high-volume deliveries projected for 2022.

* All stated performance numbers and figures are subject to final validation by the appropriate entities.

SOURCE Fisker Inc.
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