Lascar Electronics Launches the All-New Wireless Alert TP

Lascar Electronics Launches the All-New Wireless Alert TP

As a global industry leader in data logging and custom industrial displays, Lascar Electronics is focused on customer innovation, meeting the evolving needs of its client base. Today, Lascar Electronics announces the launch of the new Wireless Alert TP.

Monitor environmental conditions and temperature-sensitive products – from food to rooms in museums – and have alert notifications sent back via email once it reaches a critical temperature outside the preset limits. Quick and corrective action can be taken to rectify critical issues, preventing damage to temperature-sensitive products, and ensuring the comfortability of an occupied building.

Device setup is easy. Download the free mobile app from Google Play and the App Store. Instructions included in the mobile app.

Users can enter email address and configure high and/or low temperature limits. Once configured, the device will detect temperatures outside of those preset limits. An email alert will be sent to the configured address and a red and green LED indicator lights up the top of the device, visually notifying any persons on hand.

"Lascar Electronics has really made temperature monitoring even simpler – no bulky software, easy to set up and no ongoing monthly subscription fees," says Steven Lindquist, Sales Manager of Pennsylvania-based Lascar Electronics. "The Wireless Alert really is a 'fit and forget'-style solution to your temperature monitoring application."

Key Features:
-40°C to 125°C Temperature Probe with 1.5m Cable
Simple to Set Up Using the Free Mobile App
Low-Cost Solution
User-Configurable High and Low Temperature Limits
Sends Email Alerts and Scheduled Status Reports
WiFi Connected
Up to Two-Year Battery Life
No Ongoing Subscription Fees

The Wireless Alert can also send out daily, weekly and/or monthly scheduled summary reports and details, providing information on minimum, maximum and average temperatures, as well as battery level, the number of notifications sent, and the total time spent in alert mode.

Pricing and Availability

The Wireless Alert TP is available today, starting at USD 47.95. Additional models will be available in 2020.

SOURCE Lascar Electronics
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