Why Movement Strategies Are Better Than Traditional Advertising Methods

Why Movement Strategies Are Better Than Traditional Advertising Methods

The marketing industry has undergone a lot of transformation in the past few years. It has even become more technical as more new techniques and tools are launched. Thus the new movement marketing strategy which has taken the world with a storm is something to envy. The strategy has been around for only a few years but it is considered the most prolific. Indeed, it is one of the strategies that can easily help grow your business. So why is this strategy better than the traditional one?

1. The target

The movement aims at influencing the customer. Its goal is to make the customer criticize the idea or support it. This is what helps to influence the decision the client makes. It leads to increased awareness and brand dominance. On the other hand, the traditional approach focuses on advertising the product. Its goal is to brainwash the user into believing in the brand.

2. It identifies and addresses the problem

The traditional marketing focuses on brainwashing the clients, however, the movement strategy aims at solving a problem. It identifies the culture that leads to the idea and the problem that needs to be solved. It then develops a plan to help address the issue. The movement campaign focuses on helping the business connect with people. It strives to become part of their lives. For instance, it may identify the need to support the children’s home. It then comes up with a buying strategy where a percentage of the buying price is passed over to the home.

3. It is participatory

The main pillar of movement strategy is to win emotions. It then calls for honest participation and commitment. This is what helps the brand to invoke customer’s feelings and support. The strategy encourages the customer to fully participate in it. Besides, it is transparent and empowers them to join the campaign.

4. High ROI

Compared to traditional marketing, movement marketing return on investment is always high. The strategy convinces the customer that it is genuine and so they get attracted to it. When they become part of the campaign, they convince more people to develop some trust in the brand. What’s more, is that the client is made to be aware that the income generated will be used in transforming society. Therefore, the strategy aims at making the world better. It adds value to the humanitarian effort thus appealing to more customers.

5. It grows with the company

It is easier to build and grow the movement. By creating a warm emotional connection with the clients, you form a foundation for the brand. The foundation and the movement are all you need to grow your company.

6. It is modern

The traditional marketing strategy placed more emphasis on awareness. It had nothing to do with the buyer’s emotions. But the movement marketing strategy has gone a notch higher. It targets and influences emotions. The strategy is aware that 90 percent of American people will buy a product that advocates for a cause. Thus, the wave movement which is led by the millennia can be used to drive sales up.

At this point, you are better placed to move your campaigns a notch higher. Think of how to start a movement strategy for your brand and you will be on the way to grow it.

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