SELPIC - the Quick-Drying, Handheld Printer Launches Today

SELPIC - the Quick-Drying, Handheld Printer Launches Today

Selpic S1 Plus is a palm-sized, smart, handheld printer that can print text and images anywhere and on any surface. This new type of mobile printer lets users take reliable color printing on the go and is available now on Kickstarter.

The latest printing technology is shrinking printer form factors and boosting performance. SELPIC S1 Plus, an exciting, new handheld printer is an ultra-lightweight solution that provides high-quality, reliable and high-volume printing with handheld convenience and go-anywhere portability. Now, users can print anything with a simple click and slide to put images, text or logos onto any surface in vivid color.

SELPIC S1 Plus is small enough to fit in a pocket but powerful enough for high-volume printing. It is powered by a 1200 mAh built-in, ultra-thin battery that provides six hours of continuous working time and 72 hours of standby time per charge. It prints at an impressive a 30~300 mm/s print speed, and its large, 40ml ink capacity and high-printing efficiency allow it to print up to 900 A4 pages with 5% ink coverage in black and white or multiple colors. Using special quick-drying ink, the prints can be used immediately and won't smudge or smear.

Unlike previous mobile printers, SELPIC S1 Plus is intuitive and easy to use. It is controlled via a user-friendly app that supports multiple fonts, languages and image layouts. The free app allows users to quickly adjust the size and position of a desired print and easily create different combinations of text and images right from a smartphone.

"To create an effective mobile printing solution, we knew that the control interface and printing process had to be fast and easy. The SELPIC App makes printing anything very simple. It seamlessly connects the printer and smartphone via Wi-Fi and uses intuitive layout and text tools to let users get creative. What is shown on the smartphone is exactly what will print. It is easy enough for anyone to get started quickly and print on any surface." -Bob Xiong, CEO SELPIC

Handheld printers open up new opportunities for creativity and practicality. They can be used to print important information, such as barcodes, serial numbers and technical details, directly onto products for business applications and also provide unique printing solutions for arts and crafts where printing on curved or uneven surfaces is desired.

The new SELPIC S1 Plus handheld printer is the perfect mobile printing solution for artists, business people, and students and provides the perfect way to print on a variety of surfaces. SELPIC S1 Plus is available now on their campaign page with special deals and discounts for early adopters:


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