LG Brings New Intelligence To Connected Living Through Data Innovations And LG ThinQ

LG Electronics will bring a fresh perspective to the ongoing dialogue about how artificial intelligence will transform virtually all aspects of our lives, focusing on data innovations and consumer benefits at the AI & Big Data Expo North America event in Silicon Valley on November 13-14.

A featured speaker at the third annual event, Samuel Chang, corporate vice president at the LG Silicon Valley Lab will discuss how LG ThinQ – LG's brand for products and services incorporating advanced AI technologies – hopes to bring new intelligence to connected living through its data innovations.

Chang, who is leading LG teams in Seoul and Silicon Valley in smart appliances, consumer electronics and services, will share examples of LG's innovations for LG ThinQ in both cloud-based and on-premise AI. His "Process Automation from IoT Data" presentation will highlight practical AI applications as well as focus on the importance of aligning business platforms to the evolving IoT device and platform landscape, underscoring the need to select the right solution to enable true process integration and automation for optimization.

Illustrating how the company is implementing AI advancements throughout its business, Chang will explain the importance of providing consumers easy-to-use, proactive tools that deliver a more personalized, efficient experience, offering users with a new level of control and convenience that enables them to focus on what matters most. He will draw upon LG's years of appliance expertise while touching on LG ThinQ's three key pillars– "Evolve, Connect, Open."

Among other things, LG is looking to use data to improve customer support and using aggregated usage data to better inform future product development, while also improving design and manufacturing processes. LG's AI insights also will be shared during the conference's "Data and the Customer" panel focused on the problems Big Data is helping to solve, what data will be used, how it will be generated and analyzed, as well as how to encourage Big Data innovation to stay ahead of the pack. Chang will be joined on the panel by former Wish executive and growth advisor Frost Li, Hitachi Digital Insights Vice President Mark Burnette, and Lyft Technical Lead Dr. Li Gao.

"The AI & Big Data Expo provides us a fantastic opportunity to share some our newest developments in the AI and Big Data space while also connecting with the most successful industry leaders," said Samuel Chang, corporate vice president, LG Silicon Valley Lab. "It's an exciting time to share what we have to offer while also discussing what the digital future presents with the AI & Big Data community," he added.

The AI & Big Data Expo, now its third year, is the world's leading event series bringing together key industries from around the globe for two days of top-level content, and discussion covering AI, big data, IoT, cyber security, cloud, blockchain and 5G.

SOURCE LG Electronics USA
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