Vieworks to expand 25MP CMOS area scan camera lineup

Vieworks, a global leader in machine vision, is releasing the newest 25MP area scan camera featuring the latest CMOS global shutter image sensor. By expanding its 25MP camera lineup, Vieworks is responding to the market's ever-increasing requirements with an additional camera model. Vieworks has upgraded three features: faster frame rate, compact and lighter design, and lower price.

Faster Frame Rate, Lower Dark Noise

Vieworks provides both Camera Link and CoaXPress interface on new VC-25M, so the user can choose the camera to their applications. With CoaXPress interface, new VC-25M camera series adds recording speeds up to 91.3 fps at full 5120 x 5120 resolution. Featuring the world's smallest global shutter pixel of 2.5 um and a low sensor temporal noise of 1.6 electrons, new VC-25M presents another great option for many machine vision applications.

Easy Integration with Compact Design

The new VC-25M camera series has an unprecedented compact size among 25MP Cameras. Its dimension is only 50 mm x 50 mm x 57 mm and weight of 215 g. That being said, integrating this camera in a system is much easier considering the space constraints many times limiting flexibility. The camera is supporting standard C-mount lenses.

More Room for Budget

Due to limited number of sensor manufacturers in the market, it is not easy to lower the prices. With the new VC-25M model, Vieworks brings the price to unmatched levels as compared to similar cameras. Vieworks effectively lowers the price and opens new application opportunities for its customers. Contact Vieworks for more details.

"The new VC-25M camera series is ideal for those who are looking for the faster frame rates and inexpensive solution," said Ms. Lee, the European Sales Manager at Vieworks. "Vieworks has always looked to fulfill the needs of its customers and is offering again an innovative yet affordable solution. New VC-25M is just one of the examples and I am excited to show our refreshed lineup. New VC-25M camera series is expected to boost sales and creating a new market segment."

Key Features:

Latest CMOS global shutter image sensor (Low temporal noise of 1.6 electrons)
High speed of up to 91.3 fps (CoaXPress using 4 CH)
Monochrome & Color models
Camera Link & CoaXPress interface
Compact Size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 57 mm

SOURCE Vieworks Co., Ltd.
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