Software Innovation : Swept for Commercial Cleaning

Christmas season is upon us. The end of the year is fast approaching. As business owners, we all look forward to the next calendar year. We all have our own things that we wanted to accomplish for the coming year. This article will tell you the overview of the Swept Platform and what it can do to help you achieve the goals that you design for your business. We all share one goal and that is to keep our customers satisfied. It will be a challenge if you hired a pool of commercial cleaners who do not know the definition of success. If your office cleaners do not know that they are doing a good job, chances are there will be a low turnover as well.

There is one key thing that contributes to those goals that you would like to achieve for your commercial cleaning business. That is a dedicated focus on increasing the communication level amongst you and your team, inclusive of your customers. In Swept, being in the commercial cleaning industry, we know that communication with our commercial cleaners is prolific in our business. We sought a different kind of tools to better our ways in communicating with the cleaners but Swept, so far is the only software that made it easy for us. As we try to get a better communication with our staff, we put a high pedigree on the cleaner.

Swept has a mobile app that is available in both Android and Iphone. It is very user-friendly and easy to download. The Swept App can be used by your office cleaning business by giving access to the cleaners, supervisors, managers, administrative staff and customers.

With Swept your commercial cleaner is allowed to view their schedule. We understand that their time is limited and you do not want them going back before or after their assigned job just to know about their job assignments. This means that you can save money from paying your cleaners to go to the office just to get their schedules. This application will allow the cleaner to see their schedule from their mobile phones. You are also able to monitor if your cleaners are late for shifts because your supervisors will get an alert on their cellphones too apart from the text message that the system will automatically send you. This will also show the cleaners their respective timesheets.

One of the core elements of Swept is giving your commercial cleaners clear instructions of what is expected of them. This system also allows your commercial cleaning business to compare the actual location where the cleaner signs in because they are being tracked by GPS. The system will help you compare where the cleaner is and where the facility is.

We want to give the cleaners everything that they need for them to feel successful. One feature of Swept is it makes it easier for your cleaner to store and save important information about their customers. For them to start cleaning, they need to access the premise first. It will be very difficult for them to remember what codes to use for each and every company that they need to work on. Here, the office cleaners just need to remember a four-digit code that they need to type into this platform. All security details of the customers will show after they put in the code.

Sometimes, cleaners got sick and we need to send a reliever. With Swept, the reliever can just click on instructions and the job scopes for that particular customer will be shown for them. The commercial cleaning industry will surely be a lot way easier to manage with this tool. This instruction will show every single time your office cleaner shows up for each particular work. They do not need to memorize and remember all the specifics. They just have to click the instruction part of the app and all of these will be there to help them perform a brilliant job.

These are only a few features that Swept offers to commercial cleaning business owners. This is a sure way of communication in an innovated way. Cleaners are given crystal clear instructions. With this, complaints are less likely to occur.

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