The Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

Today, nearly everything is being taken over by technology. In every house, you’ll find a mobile phone, laptop, television, washing machine, and microwave to name just a few. Technology has certainly helped us to make our world come closer and our lives a lot easier. What was originally created to serve mankind has gradually become the axis on which the lives of human beings have started to revolve. But, technology is not going anywhere. We have to think of ways to reduce the negative effects that can arise from it. Read on as we discuss the positive and negative effects of technology in a more detailed manner below.

The Positive Effects of Technology

1. Technology Has Strengthened Relationships
For a long time, people would grow apart simply due to the expanding distance between them, which varied from situation to situation. Be it old friends, colleagues, or family members, distance drifted everyone apart. Also, with busy and tight schedules, it wasn’t possible for everyone to travel from one place to another to remain in touch.

2. This gap has been greatly bridged by technology.

With the advent of the Internet, people are now aware of every event, big or small, in their close ones' lives. We can send each other messages, video chat, and share memes using the different social media applications available. Let’s also not forget that the availability of various means of transportation, such as airplanes, trains, and more, has also made traveling a lot easier. Furthermore, it has made visiting others more comfortable at this point.

3. Technology Has Made Life Comfortable

With the variety of electronic devices available in the market, life has suddenly become so much more convenient and comfortable. If you are feeling hot, you can switch on the fan or the air-conditioner. If you want to talk to somebody long-distance, you can call them from your cell phones. If you don’t feel like washing the dishes, you can load them into the best dishwashers. If you want to stay healthy, you can run on the treadmill. There are just so many ways in which technology makes our lives easier.

4. Technology Has Made Education More Efficient

One of the biggest pluses of technology is that information is now readily available throughout the world. With the Internet having so many sites covering different niches, students have, most certainly, benefitted a lot. There is absolutely nothing that Google cannot tell you when it comes to making projects, writing a thesis, and completing other research-heavy assignments. Students can also find various educational courses that can help them attain the necessary skills and knowledge to help further their careers. This facility isn't exclusive to the students only, as every person can take advantage of it.

5. Technology Has Made Healthcare Readily Available

With the help of technology, patients are able to connect with healthcare providers situated halfway across the globe. A piece of research found out that more than 70% of healthcare providers were making use of telehealth and telemedicine solutions to connect with patients.
Also, many advanced devices are available that facilitate easy monitoring of health conditions. People can now count their steps and measure their sugar levels and blood pressure.

The Negative Effects of Technology

1. Technology is Adversely Affecting the Physical Health of Users

With technology being so prominent, many people are wasting their time mindlessly their idiot box. This is negatively impacting their health. The cases of obesity, bad posture, and chronic pain have become increasingly common. Bad eyesight, hearing loss, curved backbones, and so on are the other issues that are on a steep rise.

2. Technology Can Have a Negative Impact on Mental Health

Many people keep track of their lives on social media, as a result of which a state of constant competition is being created. People are trying to put up a false image of themselves which, in turn, is putting a lot of pressure on their mental health. Then, of course, is the prevalence of negative emotions such as jealousy, low confidence, and low self-esteem.

There is also the growing cases of online bullying which is driving people, especially younger teenagers, to commit suicide. People can sometimes be extremely mean on social media, not realizing the effect it can have on a person mentally.

3. Technology Can be Used to Breach Privacy

A lot of people are uploading their private details along with their photographs on social media platforms. Even online banking has become the norm. Hackers can take undue advantage of this information robbing people of money, creating false identities and committing other cybercrime. Young adults may sometimes share intimate photographs via these platforms not realizing its danger. Undeniably, privacy and security can become a problem in this technologically advanced world.

4. Technology Can Result in a Poor Social Life

Online communication is taking over real-life interaction. Teenagers nowadays are lacking social skills to carry on basic conversations. Instead of meeting people in your life, they prefer texting over their phones. Even business meetings are being conducted over Skype or other apps. As a result, real relationships are not being developed which can make a person feel lonely and depressed.

Technology will have both good and bad qualities in the long run. We can't stop using technology, as our lives will come to a complete standstill. However, in order to curb the negative effects of it, we need to be careful and plan our time using it. All of us have to keep ourselves in check and make informed decisions when it comes to putting ourselves out in the world. All in all, human beings do have the power to make technology bend both ways; positively and negatively. To make it positive is wholly our responsibility in the end.

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