Libra - a Specially Designed Keyboard That Gives iPad Pro Users a MacBook Like Experience

Libra introduces a newly designed keyboard with built-in trackpad, adjustable backlit keys and OS-matched shortcut keys to gives iPad Pro users a MacBook-like experience at an affordable price. It is available now on Kickstarter:

Recently, Apple created an entirely separate operating system: "iPad OS" for iPad which includes support for mouse and external keyboard. Libra keyboard is one of the first accessories to take advantage of this powerful new iPad OS. This new keyboard gives iPad Pro users a MacBook-like experience without sacrificing the portability and convenience of a tablet.

Like MacBook, Libra includes a smooth and accurate trackpad which allows touch control and gesture control. It can also be used with a mouse for the ultimate in input versatility. The keyboard has a dedicated row of function keys for adjusting screen brightness or volume, along with shortcut keys for useful tasks such as switching the typing language, copy/paste, and more which makes typing and getting work done more efficient.

One of the biggest complaints about iPad use is the less than ideal typing experience. Libra solves this by using keys that are the same shape and size as the ones on Apple's last-generation MacBook Pro, including the scissor-switch structure that makes typing on a MacBook so satisfying. Libra's keys provide a perfect tactile, responsive and quiet typing experience.

"As iPad enthusiasts ourselves, we were well aware of the complaints that users have regarding the difficulty and inefficiencies of typing on a virtual keyboard. With the release of the iPad OS, we knew that we could elevate the typing experience for iPad and at the same time add essential features that would deliver a more MacBook-like experience for users. Libra does just that, making the iPad more enjoyable, versatile and useful," said Vince Zhu, CEO Sentis.

The keys are backlit with three levels of brightness which makes the keyboard easier to use at night. The color and effect of the backlight are adjustable to create the perfect appearance. To keep connection with the iPad simple and reliable, Libra uses the latest Bluetooth protocol for seamless connection anytime.

Libra is an iPad OS compatible keyboard packed with features that makes typing and working on iPad Pro easier and more efficient than ever. Libra keyboard is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters. For more information visit the campaign page:

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