LG Unveils High-Performance Solar Panel With Integrated Micro-Inverter

LG Electronics is debuting its high-performance, fully integrated AC solar panel with a micro-inverter, expanding the company's portfolio of advanced solar panels showcased at the 2019 Solar Power International Conference, held in conjunction with North America's Smart Energy Week.

Available to U.S. homeowners later this year, the new LG NeON® R ACe solar panel creates a home energy system with a faster, simpler installation process, smart monitoring and remote servicing, and flexibility in creating module arrays. A single 25-year limited warranty covers both the panel and the inverter. As with all LG solar panels, the LG NeON R ACe provides top-level output and a refined visual appeal.

On display in LG's SPI booth (#1837), the NeON R ACe is LG's latest solar power module for residential applications that produces a direct current power output up to 375W along with its newly integrated 320W micro-inverter. Recessed into the frame of the solar module, the integrated micro-inverter, designed by LG Electronics, allows for the NeON R ACe to be an ideal solution for both installers and homeowners, saving time, space and money, compared with conventional DC solar modules that require a separate inverter.

This integrated design eliminates the need for a separate inverter, thereby reducing clutter from outside walls and rooms within the home. Requiring only two types of accessories, it provides straightforward logistics and reduces the time needed for preparation and installation.

For added convenience, the LG NeON R ACe provides a user-friendly app-based monitoring service system called EnerVu. Through this app, installers and homeowners can monitor the system's energy flow from any location and, if a technical issue arises, alert LG customer service to help address it remotely. By adopting advanced communication technology, the LG NeON ACe is easy to commission and monitor compared to traditional micro-inverter and power optimizer solutions. Long cables and a reliable connector provide flexibility to design arrays in non-traditional ways to maximize utilization of roof-top space.

LG's 25-year limited warranty for products, parts and performance applies to the NeON® R ACe and covers both the panel and the inverter, giving homeowners and installers a greater degree of investment security from a brand they can trust.

The new LG NeON R ACe provides a premium, clean and sleek aesthetic for residential and light commercial applications. These new solar modules can easily be configured to fit a variety of areas where space and budget allow. The innovative elimination of electrodes from the front of the module and relocation to the back creates a seamless array of panels.

"The new LG NeON R ACe solar panel is a prime example of how LG continues to innovate and push boundaries to provide simpler energy solutions for our customers," said Garry Wicka, vice president of marketing for LG Business Solutions. "With its integrated inverter, this advanced panel raises the bar considerably for residential solar, delivering time and space savings, along with the service, reliability and performance that is the hallmark of the LG brand."

For more information on LG's NeON R ACe and the company's full line of solar solutions featured at the 2019 SPI Conference, visit the LG booth (#1837) or www.LG.com/us/business/solar.

SOURCE LG Electronics USA
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