Is online gambling legal in the USA?

The US market used to be regarded as the biggest and the most important in the world for online casinos, sports books and poker rooms. It continues to pose an irresistible attraction to all the best sites & gambling operators, who are simply waiting for an opportunity to establish a strong presence here. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has crippled the gambling industry in the United States and even though small steps were made in the right direction, it is still reeling from its effect.

US lawmakers open up to online gambling

The wind of change is blowing across the US, with many liberal-leaning states amending their legislation. Some of these changes are aimed at reforming the judicial system, others focus on the rights of minorities and a select few bring online gambling into the spotlight. Immediately after the UIGEA brought the entire Internet gambling industry to a standstill, legal initiatives have emerged to challenge this new reality. Progress was slow, but with some states spearheading the offensive, hope was kept alive.

In 2019, online gambling is still largely illegal in the United States, but New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are leading by example. The laws passed by state legislators have made it possible for local people to enjoy the thrills of Internet gambling from the comfort of their home. They have joined forces to create interstate compacts that will further boost the community of players and make the games more exciting. The Supreme Court has reignited hope that US states will be allowed to decide for themselves how they want to tackle the sensitive issue of online gambling.

Money makes the gambling world go round

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware residents can play online casino games in complete accord with the law. Licensed operators are paying taxes, which go to state coffers and they are also compelled to maintain high security standards. On one hand, players don’t have to take chances with unlicensed casinos, break the law and risk their funds. On the other, the states benefit from an influx of capital that would otherwise be lost into a net of unregulated casinos. There is no US state whose economy can’t benefit from the money brought in by gambling, so others have started to pay attention.

Pennsylvania is on the verge of regulating online gambling and this is a big state that could really make a difference. While they are closer than anyone else from making Internet gambling legal, everyone is paying close attention to what California lawmakers are saying. This is the richest state in the US and its large population and immense financial potential could tilt the balance in the flavor of those promoting online gambling. In spite of the obvious benefits, there are still many US states that continue to refuse any discussion regarding the legalization of online casinos.

The bottom line is that online gambling isn’t yet legal in the USA, but progress is being made every month and the future looks bright nationwide.

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