Introducing sBOX26w: The Most Powerful and Elegant Portable Solar Charger

Solisly announced today sBOX26w, a new solar power bank that delivers advanced performance for outdoor enthusiastic users. The new design adds elegance to the durability of this innovative solar charger. With a capacity of 26800 mAh, sBOX26w provides enough backup charge for all your gadgets. The addition of a fast wireless phone charger makes this power bank a reliable charging hub. The 18 LED triple mode flashlight expands the uses of this charger to provide a light source and SOS signal in emergencies.

The sBOX26w comes in elegant design and it will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter beginning Friday, 27-Sep-2019. Solisly expects to deliver the first patch in November 2019 with a plan for mass production starting December 2019.

Per Solisly, the sBOX26w comes packed with sophisticated technology that outdoor pros can count on to get their work done, and for anyone who wants the very best power bank made, even if they are not a pro. The fast wire and wireless outputs give Solisly customers the peace of mind needed to keep their outdoor adventures uninterrupted.

What makes sBOX26w stand out?

CHARGE ON-THE-MOVE: This stylish and portable power bank is the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Extending the life of your gadgets means more adventures.
TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: We understand that sBOX26w could be a lifesaver in case of emergency. That is why we use durable materials to build this beast.
Triple Mode Flashlight: Where you just need extra light or you need to send an SOS signal, this feature could be a lifesaver.
BIG CAPACITY: With battery capacity of 26800 mAh you can go further and charge more gadgets. Now you can do more work (or just watch funny videos) while hiking.
CHARGE FAST ANYWHERE: With a built-in solar panel, you can recharge anywhere. Also, sBOX26w comes with fast outputs to minimize the time needed to charge your gadgets.
ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Love it or we will buy it back; that simple. When you back Solisly you aren't a customer. You are a family!

Price and availability

The suggested retail price of sBOX26w is $90. During the Kickstarter campaign, Solisly will offer sBOX26w at a discount price of 40-45%. Reserve your sBOX26w and enjoy the launch discounts. Kickstarter link:

Why Solisly?

Solisly is on a mission to deliver ready to use solar gadgets. Green technology is a must for our future as humans. We see a future where humans can use solar energy in everyday applications. Solisly is committed to producing innovative, high quality, and user-friendly gadgets.

SOURCE Solisly
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