Apollo: World's First 32'' 4K Touchscreen PC Launches on Kickstarter

Industry-leading monitor experts Sefree recently announced the launch of Apollo: the latest 4K Touchscreen monitor and computer in one. This innovative new device delivers an incredible high-definition viewing experience for work, games and entertainment. Apollo is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/305388594/apollo-32-4k-touchscreen-all-in-one-computer

Today's digital citizens find themselves burdened with multiple mobile and desktop devices required to get their work done, entertain themselves and pursue their hobbies. It can be difficult to remain productive and relaxed with a desk full of gadgets that are each required to do a different job.

Now, there is an alternative. The Apollo 4Ktouchscreen monitor and all-in-one computer promises to boost productivity, entertain, and inspire creativity with powerful features and tools that make it the ultimate home and office solution.

"New tech offers incredible performance, convenience and entertainment for consumers. However, people don't want to keep adding more and more devices to their lives. Instead, our goal is to simplify digital lifestyles with innovative products that serve a variety of functions and can elegantly replace multiple devices. Apollo is the ultimate productivity, entertainment and creative hub for work, study, or family fun," said Mike Zhang, Apollo CEO.

Apollo looks elegant but it's packed with powerful features that make it the perfect all-in-one machine. It's powered by an Intel Core running Windows10 Pro, has comprehensive built-in security protections and an array of essential input/output ports, and includes dual microphones and dual cameras. Available in multiple sizes up to 32 inches, it makes multitasking easy with an expansive view that is easy on the eyes and provides enough screen room to run multiple tasks, apps, or documents simultaneously.

The touchscreen performance is second to none and delivers a highly accurate, ultra-responsive touch experience, which is ideal for creativity. It features 10-point finger touch and an included stylus for pen-based drawing, designing and artwork. The ultra HD 4K display is stunning with perfect colors that are vivid and life-like. Featuring 3840x2160 resolution, the gorgeous widescreen HD display makes Apollo a natural choice for home entertainment, gaming, and family fun.

The compact modern design of Apollo fits any desk or room and is an incredible 11mm thin. It is infinitely adjustable using a patented flexible zero-gravity hinge. It makes setting up and using the device easier with a virtually weightless movement from 15°-95° to switch the device between desktop and tablet modes.

For users who want a powerful monitor and computer in one that can truly do it all, Apollo has arrived. It is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing and incentives to reward early supporters. Learn more at the campaign page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/305388594/apollo-32-4k-touchscreen-all-in-one-computer.

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