X2O Media Expands Product Line by Adding New Media Player Hardware

X2O Media today unveiled the addition of Windows-based X2O Media Player-S hardware to their growing product offering. The addition of X2O Media-branded players gives customers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to create, deploy and manage successful digital networks in a smarter, more streamlined way. X2O Media and Scala, both companies in the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, partnered to design the players for optimal performance according to market needs, and will draw on the experience and expertise of parent company STRATACACHE to develop and distribute the new media player hardware.

"We now have multiple media players to be able to cater to our customer's immediate needs," says Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media. "The expansion of the X2O Media product line, now with the latest addition of our Media Player-S, allows us to offer commercial-grade reliability for applications such as enterprise corporate communications, customer experience centers and conference room content management. Moving forward, we will be looking into more player options to add to our full solution offering."

The X2O media players are dedicated devices that combine carefully designed hardware, optimally configured system software, and X2O Player software to deliver high-quality 24x7 playback in a robust and security-hardened environment. The X2O Media Player-S is a mid-range digital media player with device management and full HD playback support for all visual communication playlists.

Chris Riegel, CEO of the STRATACACHE family of companies, says, "X2O media players are designed for premium performance to deliver powerful experience communications," he said. "Continuing to build our presence in the STRATACACHE family of companies starts with having access to subject matter experts who have developed and deployed similar hardware to be implemented cross-industry."

Learn more about the X2O Media Player-S at www.x2omedia.com/x2o-media-player-S.

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