Viral Booth Announces New Roaming Photo Booth on Wheels

Forget grabbing your friends at a party and hitting the photo booth to pose for a photo strip! Viral Booth's new roaming, remote controlled photo booth on wheels rolls up to event guests and encourages them to take pictures, Boomerangs, GIFs and videos. No one can resist posing for the robot, named "Bot," and sharing their images on social media. Then, the robot rolls away to have fun with more guests.

A NEW Take on the Photo Booth

- Bot is the only one-of-its-kind in Southern California
- She is a digital experience that makes it fun to share pictures on social media
- She has a blinking robot-like face that's easy for guests to follow her instructions
- Her heavy duty, remote controlled engine is operated by a trained photo booth host

"It's so much fun to drive Bot up to guests and watch their faces light up when they realize they can interact with her. She's something no one has seen before. All ages are excited to experience her photo and video options. Then, they can share them on social media," says Karen Babiak, Viral Booth owner.

Not Just Photos Anymore

The robot photo booth doesn't just take and print pictures. Instead, she offers party goers lots of options for photo entertainment and social sharing experiences. Plus, the Robot's photo booth technology is perfect for corporate events focused on marketing, branding and being featured in social media feeds.

Powered by multi-directional wheels, Bot takes the photo entertainment right in the middle of the action at events. When Bot approaches, guests are excited to use the interactive touch screen. Everyone gathers around Bot to get creative with pictures, GIFs, Boomerangs and videos.

Reserve a Robot Photo Booth

To see videos of Bot in action, visit our Robot Photo Booth Blog. Bot is available to rent for events throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, Riversideand San Bernardino. To make a reservation, visit, email, or call 949-391-6340.

SOURCE Viral Booth
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