Litmor Launched the Most Affordable Battery Cam That Can Be Used Anywhere

Litmor® has announced that their ongoing Kickstarter project's fundraising goal for their new battery camera has been smashed, with the amount raised currently more than three times larger than the original $10,108 goal. The Litmor® Battery Cam, an affordable, high-quality and innovative battery-powered security camera that uses a smart alert algorithm to identify security events more accurately, now has more than 300 backers for its Kickstarter goal, which ends Aug. 23, 2019.

Home security is a well-developed and mature market in the United States, however, a battery camera — one of the most in-demand products in the industry — can cost anywhere between $100and $200, or even more. The team at Litmor seeks to disrupt the security camera field by offering affordability without sacrificing quality.

"Our Battery Cam is designed to be both affordable and high-quality. It comes with all the basic and innovative functions that you need as a security camera," says Jerry Huang the co-founder of the company. "You can watch, listen in and talk back to visitors through the Litmor App anywhere in the world. Through its smart alert algorithm, you can easily find out when the camera is detecting movement, whether it's from a stranger, a car or an animal."

The Litmor Battery Cam is a completely new way of addressing home security needs. Litmor uses wireless technology to deliver smart alerts to the user's phone, warning the user of movement from trespassers, cars and animals. The color night vision comes in 1080p HD, giving users a crystal-clear image in any lighting condition. The camera's ultra-long battery life can last upwards of one year in ECO mode. It's weatherproof and IP66 waterproof, preventing damage from snow, rain and heat. Installation can be done in a number of different ways, including with screws, strings, stickers or even without any kind of bracket. Once installed, the camera can be simply turned on and then easily synced up to the user's smartphone.

Pre-sales and special incentives to early adopters of the Litmor Battery Cam are available now on their Kickstarter campaign, with early adopter pricing from only $39 USD.

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