Nooie Launches its First Motion Tracking Camera - Nooie Cam 360, which Tracks Motion Automatically and Keeps an Eye on Your Loved Ones Anytime

Nooie ( today announced the launch of its first pan-tilt-zoom home camera, Nooie Cam 360, a full-featured home security camera.

"Our first product Nooie Cam Indoor pretty much does everything a smart home camera is expected to do," said Rocky Chen, Nooie's lead engineer. "So we think it's time to make another one that does even more."

"Living room camera noticed some motion." You get a notification and go on to check the live video. You see your kid is about to open the door to a delivery guy, and immediately talk through the app, telling your child to ask the delivery person to just drop the box at the front door. This might be an everyday scenario, but can potentially be dangerous. Home security is everyone's first priority, and Nooie Cam 360 serves as a reliable partner that helps you keep up with all that's happening at your home.

Just as its name suggests, Nooie Cam 360 can turn left and right, go up and down to achieve 360° coverage, thanks to its pan-tilt-zoom features. Imagine this, your cat jumps on a counter and tries to snag a loaf of bread when nobody is here. Gotcha! It was all captured by this smart Nooie cam. With sharp image quality, you can even see her sneaky smiling face when she was eating yummy bread.

To put it simply, it's your eyes, ears, and mouth. Sometimes you may just feel like taking a look at your pets on your lunch break at work, or need to put an end to the mischief your furry buddies are making, or check if your kids are sleeping safe and sound. Nooie Cam 360 makes all of these little things that mean a lot as easy as a click in the app, allowing you to take care of their home and loved ones in real time.

Nooie also believes Nooie Cam 360 has great potential and home should not be the only space where it shines. It can be put in any place that users feel the need to keep an eye on, be it a garage, basement, or office.

Apart from auto motion tracking, Nooie Cam 360 offers a rich suite of features, including:

High Definition: 1080p full HD, 3.97mm focal length, 101° field of view and 8x digital zoom guarantee high-quality video.

Night Vision: Two infrared 940nm LEDs maximize different lighting conditions during the day or the night, providing clear images up to 32 feet away.

Video Storage: Footage can be safely stored either in a microSD card or in the AWS cloud.

Nooie App: A visually appealing and easy-to-use app that sends real-time alerts of motion and sound detection via push notifications. Users can customize schedules for when they want to receive alert notifications.

Two-way Audio: Built-in speaker and microphone with acoustic echo canceling allow users to listen and speak to the one at the other end.

"We think of home security as a fundamental human right. Feeling safe should not be so costly." Said David Luo, Nooie's founder. With the mission to bring an affordable, yet well-designed security system to every home, we have successfully achieved a huge cut in price without skimping on the quality of either functionality or design.

Nooie Cam 360 does not just take care of your home but also decorates it. Adopting the shape and curve of pebbles, this home camera is free from the rigidness that electronics usually have, and brings a sense of effortless calm to your home. It does not stand out but fits right in. Nooie Cam 360's budget price and high quality make it an ideal present choice for anyone who wants to make their home safer and smarter.

Now, Nooie is running "Looking for Nooie Product Testers" campaign. As a Nooie Product Tester, you can enjoy lots of perks like lifetime warranty, testing new products, exclusive discounts, and personalized gifts. Check out Nooie's facebook page ( ) to know more details.

SOURCE Nooie Inc

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