CIOE 2019 to Focus on the Future of Intelligent Driving

Intelligent driving has become a hot spot in the world of vehicle engineering research and a new driving force for the growth of the automotive industry. Among them, environmental sensing is the basis for intelligent driving. Cameras, millimeter-wave radar, laser radar, infrared night vision systems, etc. are right in the essential position of technological innovation. It is predicted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) that in 2025, the global intelligent network of automotive sensor market will reach 54.8 billion US dollars.

The CIOE 2019 (China International Optoelectronic Exposition) is a world's leading photonic platform covering the entire industrial chain. This exhibition will focus on the innovation and development of photonic technology in the field of intelligent driving, focusing on showcasing ADAS, environmental sensing systems, 5G related technologies, and Internet of Vehicle (IoV), etc. CIOE 2019 will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from September 4th to 7th. Known to be the largest photonic exhibition in the world, CIOE's exhibition area will reach 110,000 m2. It is expected 2,000 exhibitors and 70,000 professional visitors will join CIOE 2019. It is a one-stop service platform for Tier 1, Tier 2, OEMs and intelligent driving companies to search for products and solutions and to discover business opportunities in China.

Focus on the application and development of photoelectric technology in the field of intelligent driving

CIOE 2019 is supported by various sensor companies, automotive manufacturers, system solution integrators, automotive electronics, research institutes, investment and financing institutions, intelligent driving and other innovative companies, showcasing the latest products on vehicle lens and camera modules, lasers radar, millimeter-wave radar, head-up display system, on-board infrared night vision system, application of 5G technology in the IoV, laser processing equipment such as laser marking and laser welding, original materials and materials such as optical fiber cables and filters, AR/VR, etc. Key exhibiting intelligent companies includes: Innoviz, Valeo, Velodyne, Robosense, SureStar, Ls-Lidar, On Semincondutor, Benewake, Sunny Optical, Phenix, Linkage, Novel, Hamamatsu, Sensingtech, Kyocera, Dali, Iray, SDGI, Han's Laser, Hymson, HGTECH, Dapeng Laser, Lamshine, Sekonix, Inelaser, etc. More on CIOE 2019 Exhibitor List.

Also After a successful first edition, CIOE is proud to collaborate once again with Yole Développement to organize the Second Executive Forum on LiDAR for Automotive on September 5. This event presents applications and technologies within the LiDAR industry, and more specifically, automotive-oriented solutions and it is also an ideal platform to network with 100 high-level professionals to explore the future of intelligent driving.

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SOURCE The 21st China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2019)
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