Top 7 Ways to Make Money Playing Games

Gaming can be a fun hobby to spend time on, but there are also ways to make a profit off of your fun if you know where to look! Making money from gaming has actually been around for a long time, and while some methods aren’t quite as approachable or easy as others, there’s never been a better time to start. Read on for 8 ways (ranked by difficulty) to make moolah while having fun!

Number One: Sell Trading Cards on Steam
Steam lets you sell your cards right from their client.

Many games on Steam offer trading cards that unlock just from playing the game for a while. Some people love to collect these cards, and they’re sellable directly in the Steam marketplace. While they don’t usually sell for much, every little bit adds up and if you don’t collect them, you’re just sitting on free money! You may be able to get more if you have a whole collection for a game. If you don’t want the money in your Steam wallet, you can find people to trade with directly or just buy game keys with the Steam wallet funds and sell the keys!

Number Two: Trade Items You Probably Already Have
Sell your items quickly and easily with a service like Eldorado.

Probably the next easiest way to make some quick profit is to trade items you’ve already earned in games for money. Using a website such you can take tradeable items and currencies you’ve earned in popular games such as Rocket League, Warframe, or even World of Warcraft, and turn them into cold, hard cash (and vice versa if you’re in the market!). This means you can make money just from playing the games you already play and enjoy- no extra work needed!

Number Three: Trade Steam Marketplace Items
You might be surprised just how much some items sell for.

Much like a combination of the first two ways, you can similarly make a profit from Steam Marketplace items. Most Valve games (CS:GO and TF2 for example) and many others such as Payday 2, allow you to sell items directly on the Steam Marketplace. You can stash the money away for more games on Steam, or cash out in the same way as the trading cards. Some items go for hundreds of dollars, but you may have to get pretty luck to wind up with one of them!

Number Four: Play Online Poker
Pull up a virtual chair to the table.

While there are no guaranteed profits in poker, if you’re a talented player you may be able to make considerable sums of money this way. Make sure online poker is legal in your area and you’re good to go- just find a reputable website and start playing! For people who enjoy card games, this can be a fun pastime that also nets some tidy profits right from home.

Number Five: Coaching
Help others and make money!

Do you have a great mind for tactics, or years of experience playing a competitive game? Then you might be a good candidate for coaching! Many services, like Fiverr let you sell your coaching skills. Or, if you’re particularly talented, you could find a position with a casual or pro team! It’s a fun way to take your awesome gaming skills and help others while also helping yourself.

Number Six: Tournaments
Go head to head for fun and profit.

If you find yourself at the top tiers of a game that’s popular in tournaments - think games like the Super Smash Bros. series - you can put those skills to good use in a local or national tournament. In addition to being a great time, many of those tournaments also offer cash rewards for the winners! Go get ‘em!

Number Seven: Pro Gaming
League of Legends LCS pros compete for fame and fortune alike.

Are you truly the best of the best? If so, maybe pro gaming is for you. Not just a hobby, this means taking your passion into a career. It is extremely challenging to compete among the top players in the world, but hey, if you have the skills the average pro player salary for some games is over $300,000! How’s that for playing games and getting paid?

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